Monday, February 9, 2009

Venting out

Here now I vent out my frustration coz I dont get to write to my blog everyday"Grrrrrr......." well,done with that for now..

Results Out

5 opinions which totally mattered for the continuation of my blog
First was my dad's which is yet to come
Second my sis whose opinion i hold very high,said "good work"
My cousin msged me saying"Read your blog really nice keep writing"
Nishwa my bestest friend "you r 22222 good"
Nayana my 2nd bestest friend"you have got a nice way of expressing your feelings"


There outside in front of my hostel I crawl sleepy eyed my brain too numb to take in anything except the cold weather i.e how i would describe the first 5 mins of my morning walk
Then comes the next 10 mins in which I plan my routine for the day,thinking about all the things which are important and has to be done
Then comes my favourite 15 mins when I start thinking what to write in my blog. I wrestle with my ideas to make my blog as humourous(as my friend puts it) as possible.

Losing Sleep

"Blessed is the man who is too busy by day to worry and too sleepy to worry at night"
I am not busy by the day and not sleepy in the night thus concluding simply i am worrying and losing my sleep over big things , this is telling something coz i dont fret over anything except silly things which dont concern me...The question which made its appearance out of the blue was 'Will I ever get placed in a company?' Well the conclusion is that I have to spend some more sleepless nights to come with an answer to that and when it comes it will be worth writing in my blog..