51 in 501

Ever since I read this 101 in 1001 post in PeeVee's blog, I have been wanting to have a list of my own.Yesterday, I went through it again and I realized that I had many similar goals and I was no where near achieving any of those. So, here is my 51 in 501 because I could not come up with 101 things to do.

Start date: September 1st 2015.
End date: January 14th 2017.

1. Reach Goal weight 1, 2, and finally 3. (And write a blog post when each one of them are reached.)

2. Run a marathon.

3. Join yoga classes and go for 3 months.

4. Go trekking atleast twice.

5. Learn to make a decent tasty sambhar from scratch, biryani/palao and a north indian curry.

6. Go to all the Waffle places mentioned in this list.

7. Put up atleast 50 food reviews on Zomato.

8. Go to atleast 2 restaurants mentioned in this list.

9. Learn to drink coffee without sugar.

10. Give up soda for 3 months straight.

11. Develop that app for self.

12. Become an expert in C, Java & scripting.

13. Make a donation to a different NGO or PMRF every month. (Atleast 12 months)

14. Do not shop for clothes for 2 months straight (Do this 2 times before end date)

15. Go an entire month on a 5k budget.

16.16. Buy laptop or get the old one fixed and get a decent internet connection.

17. Learn to read Spanish (So that I can read Pablo Neruda's poems in the language it was written)

18. Complete one #100DaysOfHappiness challenge.

19. Get at least 2 self-designed kurtis stitched.

20. Get a lehenga stitched for self.

21. Get a pair of Ray-Bans.

22. Buy a pair of ox blood colored jeans and a pair of ripped jeans and rock it.

23. Gift a book/stuff to at least 5 people even if it is not their birthday. (Because I love giving gifts)

24. Buy that gold necklace for self and sister.

25. Learn to drive a two wheeler.

26. Buy Ruby Woo.

27. Attend comic con.

28. Visit Ahmedabad /Mumbai /Goa.

29. Attend atleast 2 blogger meets and this time speak to people and make friends.

30. Help someone reach a goal.

31. Change hair in some way.

32. Make atleast 3 new friends.

33. Write a life update blog post once every 2 months.

34. Write atleast 2 posts every month till end date.

35. Complete a self made monthly challenge on blog. (Do this thrice before end date)

36. Meet 5 bloggers.

37. Write 5 short stories.

38. Posts on a favorite blogger (Write atleast 7 such posts)

39. Re-design the whole blog.

40. Put up atleast 50 book reviews on blog and or Goodreads.

41. Write. More. Poems.

42. Fill the diary. (That big one)

43. Have atleast 320 blog posts by end date.

44. Write a post for each item crossed off of this list.

45. Complete atleast 2 monthly photo challenge on instagram.

46. Go an entire weekend without internet. (Do this atleast 10 times)

47. Conduct 2 giveaways on the blog.

48. Donate blood atleast once.

49. 49. Buy a cool DSLR camera for self.

50. TBD

51. TBD

    In progress


  1. THIS IS SO COOL. Imma steal some of your stuff. Like the oxblood trousers. And posts of favorite bloggers.

    1. I stole a lot of your stuff sweetie. :) take whatever you want :*

    2. Eee, thank you :)
      Also, what app, what app??

    3. It have written it down somewhere. It is for personal use. Have to find that piece of paper and get started. :)

  2. Wow! I love your list! I read PeeVee's list and had decided to make one myself but then I forgot about it! Your post is reminder for me to do that! Good luck with the list :) Hope you complete doing all the things in the list!

    1. Thank you Reema. You should do it too, it bring everything into perspective.. :)