Friday, October 25, 2013

Just Me-ing

Living upto the title of my blog.

1) I have 2 additional clocks on my PC in office showing the times of USA and Germany. I have no idea why.

2) Once I bought a dress material from a lady shopkeeper because she reminded me of my mother. I never wore the dress after I got it back from tailor.

3) I unfriended a school mate on facebook because she was too happy always.

4) I am an impulsive blogger. I do not put much thought into what I write (except poems). So sometimes even I don't understand what I have written.

5) I don't like getting wet in the rain. I feel that I am being poked with very wet sticks.

6) I make a lot of grammatical mistakes in my posts. Somenights i dream of getting hate mails from grammar nazis :( . I am sorry guys. I don't do it on purpose.

7) I think that everyone is bat crap crazy, some with the people they are comfortable with and hence are introverts and some people with everyone around them and hence they are extroverts.

8) In college if I dint like doing something I used to tell "My dad/mom dint give me permission to do it" so still many of my friends think that I have got very strict parents. But I know what cool parents I have. :)

9) If any of my friends ask my opinion with a big happy smile, on anything-store-bought and I don't like it, I tell them "Its different" with a big smile. :)

10) I get confused very easily and I believe and trust people very easily. Like Jess from New Girl. Usually when I write I get confused with then and than, brought and bought, its and it's, your and you're etc. . Once I forgot the spelling of the past tense of take, toke ? took ? o_O

Thats all for now. :)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Doodle Recipe - Puffed Rice Upma

This is a recipe which my mother prepares and you can prepare it in 5 mins. My Doodle recipe is a part of Easy Doodle Recipe ( contest at ( inn association with ( . Enjoy :) (turns out the format in which i had written the previous post was not right. So here is the final recipe. :) )

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

8 things which will irk you if you are fat.

A girl's gotta write what a girl's gotta write, right ?. Inspired by this post by REDHANDED, I bring you this post. Don't ask me how these two posts are related because I have no idea. Just reading the mentioned post made me want to share this post. This post has been written some 5 months back and has been primped every now and then. The reason for not posting it is, I keep feeling that I will be judged, that I am lazy to exercise or diet and have found excuses and I am bashing the people who are trying to help me. Well read on and let me know. :)

I admit, I am fat, I am overweight. I am always on a diet and an exercise routine. The point is, I am fitter then some of my skinny peers. I don’t get tired easily (thanks to the morning walks which I used to do). I can lift heavy weights without moaning about it(thanks to the dumbbells I lift every morning). Being overweight does not bother me much. Especially when you see a person who is 20 kilos lesser than you huffing and puffing beside you because we ran across the road before the signal turned green and you are not even breathing hard. The point where it becomes irritating is when everybody around you starts considering you overweight. Here are some instances where people around me make me feel fat.
  1. The big fat skinny person – I hate it when these skinny people claim that they are fat when an XS(Extra Small) shirt won’t fit them anymore. They go on and on about how they are going to lose weight (which will be mostly dieting). This done when I am holding the XL (Extra large) shirt and wondering if it will fit me.
    Hello miss, Wear an effing S(small) sized shirt.
  2. The weight-loss-goddesses – These are the people who have not dieted in their entire life. The nearest they come to exercise is when they run when they see a spider or a cockroach. These people have a truck load of information on how to do be slim and won’t hesitate to badger you with it.
    Hello miss, Shut your gob!!
  3. The I-lost-2-kgs-in-a-week-by-looking-at-an-XS-shirt – There is this category of people who think they know how to lose weight. They claim that they lost so and so many kilos because they drank mineral water instead of tap water. I do not have a problem with these people (because I understand that each person has his/her own way of losing weight) until they open their mouth. They go on and on about how they lost weight and keep telling you to do it whenever they meet you.
    Hello, please. You need not rub it in my face. I know you have lost weight and I am happy for you. Please don’t keep repeating what you have said. I got it the first hundred times you said it.
  4. Your ever present cousins and relatives. None of my close friends comment on my weight because they have witnessed how fit I am. But cousins, relatives always know how to make you feel fat and sometimes make you feel fatter than you are.
    Hello, I am a human being with feelings.
  5. The-people-who-treat-you-like-dustbins – You read that right. These are the people who order more than they can eat in a restaurant and expect us to eat what is left over in their plates (which is usually more than half the initial dish) because they think, you know, that we have the capacity to eat a lot, and to top this they order the most oiliest dishes.
    Hello, I am not a dustbin. Throw it if you don’t want to eat it. Please don’t force me to eat it.
  6. I-look-like-an-elephant – Some (slim) people have this notion that they are really fat when all they have gained in 2 kilos. They start calling themselves an elephant.
    Hello miss, if you are an elephant I am the effing earth.!! Beat that !!
  7. Give-me-tips-to-gain-weight – Some of my classmates in school had this habit of asking me for tips to become fat. Just imagine the impact of such questions on a 13 year old girl who never thought of herself as a fat person.
    I so hate you.
  8. I-am-so-thin-I-can-eat-anything – These are the people who prance around eating anything and everything to show that they don’t gain weight as easily as me. They keep eating chocolates and add a big dollop of ghee on every dish and insist that we eat it too. And they keep telling, rubbing it in that they won’t gain weight because of this.
    Get a room.!! No, seriously, get a room and go eat there.!!
So please, if you are doing any of this to your friends please stop making them feel fat. I am speaking for the people who are really trying to lose weight and also are a foodie. It’s a struggle fighting weight and when I have to fight these people too I get so tired that I eat some more. It’s an vicious cycle. 
I have written this post because I have realized that I was able to lose weight faster when I stopped feeling bad about such people.
You can also add to the list if you had a similar experiences :)