Thursday, September 25, 2014

Losing weight and all the drama that unfolds.

You know what is the most annoying thing ? People around you telling you to lose weight.

Can you believe that I have found a thing which is more annoying after losing the weight ?

Me - I went to gym :) :)
Them - Oh!! Don't join gym. Your weight will increase suddenly if you stop going. You should not have joined gym.

Me - I took up Herbalife (protein drink) for breakfast and green tea :) :)
Them - So you just have to drink that ? (like this is easy to do) I am sure that if you stop it you will increase like anything.

Me - I went on a diet and replaced my dinner with fruits.
Them - What if you cant continue it after your marriage ? Are you going to starve your husband ? You have to start eating dinner after marriage and then you will put on weight very quick.

Me - It just went away. I don't even know how ? I could not be more happier ;-) :)
Them - Suddenly everything will come back. Just wait.

OMG !! Can some people BE more annoying ?

I really did lose a lot of weight - like 10 kilos in 7 months. Now, I have to listen to all these jibes about it. 

It was not easy. I get hungry very quick. I have an enormous appetite. The fact that I absolutely love food does not help in the least. It is a constant day to day struggle to not succumb to all my cravings and to indulge in them only once every week.

Here is what I did, if it helps one person out there, I would be happy.

After waking up I do 50 crunches.

Breakfast - 300ml of protein drink . I alternate between Herbalife and getrim. The fact that I love milk helps a lot. I read that sucrose and fructose (which is present in protein drinks) is not so good for the body so sometimes I have 2 idlis. The problem with idlis is I cant have them every day.

Mid morning snack - I have breakfast at 7am. I have to catch the bus at 7.25am. So, I if I don't have a mid morning snack I might just die. So I carry a little approx 20gm of saffola muesli and have it around 10.30am.

Lunch - A normal lunch but I have reduced it from 4 small chapatis to 3 small chapatis. I brought smaller boxes to carry rice items in. Now, I get full with just 2 chapatis. Wheat dosas or ragi dosas have the lowest calories, of course if you have it with chutney.

Evening snack - Around 6pm I eat at least 3 biscuits usually McVities Digestive and drink atleast 300ml of water.

I reach home at 8.10pm. I go for a walk for at least 45 minutes. If I reach early like before 8, I walk for an hour. If I think that I am going to reach very late like after 8.30pm, I get down from the bus some 4 or 5 stops from mine and walk to my house.

Night - I have a normal dinner (little rice or 1 chapati or 2 dosas) if I go for walk. When I don't go for walk because it is raining out or because I just feel lazy, I eat a little bit of fruits usually papaya or apple and drink buttermilk.

If I ever feel hungry in between meals (read always) I have 3-4 almonds and drink a lot of water.

Now half of my cousins know that I take Herbalife. I can see them sitting there in my marriage hall (no, I am not getting married right now, my parents are still searching) and making it a point to tell each and every one that I reduced weight by drinking Herbalife. They think I am taking the easy way out. If I were taking the easy way out, I would just pop some tablets (Herbalife has those and these tablets are way cheaper than the protein powders, but I was never and I never will be the person to take the easy (unhealthy too, or so I have read) way out, I love working hard towards my goals).

It is really hard to wake up everyday with the resolve to lose weight. I get my heart broken a dozen times when I check my weight and see that it has increased. I am slowly getting used to it. Do you know how effing hard it is to say no if someone offers a second chocolate ? And don't even get me started on chocolate. I have told all my friends to never buy me chocolate. Now, I feel sad if they don't buy it for me. When I am PMSing I crave for good food. It gets so hard to not maintain the diet during these times (If some knows how to curb these cravings, I would love me some tips)

On the bright side I have reduced 2 sizes in some and one size in some brands. The belts which are sold in malls and will not wear out for 2-3 years never used to fit me, and now they do. I have been told that I look awesome now (I hated that compliment because they meant that I was not awesome before which is a lie because I am always awesome ;-)) . I changed my wardrobe (not completely), I have stopped wearing clothes which make me one with the wall behind me. I have a bright yellow and a bright red sweatshirts :). 

I used to do a lot of stress eating and now I do stress shopping. I have a bit of control on this now. But, it has a tendency to get out of hand sometimes. I put all the money I saved by not eating into buying new clothes :)

I would love to hear about any such incidents that you or your friends have gone through. Any suggestions, like a low calorie tasty recipe would also be very helpful :)