Thursday, December 26, 2013

Things which change.

when you start working or when you are kinda officially termed as an adult.

1) Most of your relatives stop bringing chocolates. This is the time chocolates are really needed. You are working, you are having an identity crisis and you are stressed out and frustrated most of the time, and you start feeling that there really might be dementors around you. This is the time you really need chocolate. But no. You don't get any free chocolate.

2) But that's okay because you can buy your own chocolates and cakes in any quantity and eat them anytime you want. :)

3) You learn to retain your college and school friends because how much ever you want to you cannot make good friends in office. You learn that everyone wants to stab you in the back or trip you on their way to success. Not something you would want in friends right ?

4) You start finding comfort in retail therapy. I had never bought even a sock for myself before finishing engineering. Everything was bought by my mom or sis. Now, I have money and as I mentioned before about being stressed out an frustrated most of the time, retail therapy really helps.

5) Everybody you know starts hunting for a groom/bride for you. If you tell them that you just had breakfast it turns into a cooking/interview show where they ask questions and questions from what you ate for breakfast to how much salt you added to it.

6) You are officially an aunty. Everybody teaches their kids to call you aunty. (I don't like being called aunty. Wish they thought kids to call me Ms. Holla (don't make fun now, that's my surname) or something)

7) But still, people who have seen you from when you were a little kid treat you like a kid. This other day one of my relative gave me a 5 minutes lecture on how to cross the road (I already knew everything he told). They still include you in the kids category and sometimes it bothers you because they have stopped bringing you chocolates. If you tell them that you are no longer a kid, they are like, "You are still a like a kid to us, come let me show you how to fold your blankie."

8) You have these moments of utter loss. You go to a room to get something and you forget and you seem to forget everything and for a moment you just stand there and stare at everything in your room like they are something alien. (Do I need to see a doctor for this ?)

9) Do you remember how, when you were in college, you would get really nervous and blabber the most inappropriate things ? I wish I could tell you it stops. I does not. It grows stronger and sometimes when you are really tired, you don't even process what you are going to tell and it is out of your mouth before you know it.

10) Everyone around is getting married or having babies. And you are still recuperating from your heart break and battling an identity crisis. The pain after a heart break is the first reminder that you are an adult now :) 
                                                     from Life of Leo. (Thanks girl :))

11) You get to listen to a lot of "You are this-much-years-old years old now. You need to be responsible. How can you take things so lightly? When I was your age yada yada yada.."
                                                     from Reem Writes (I edited it a little hope you don't mind and thanks :))

12) People advise you to learn to wear a saree properly
                                                      from Indrani (Thank you :))

I have left the 13th point blank. Leave a comment as to what you think changes when you start working or you are being officially called an adult and I will put it up on the post :) I can make a very big list if you help me :) Please do leave a comment :)

Friday, December 13, 2013

Don't you just love winters ?

Winter is coming ( :) if you get the GoT reference) (Has already come, I know, I know. I just wanted to tell everyone that I love Game of Thrones and also that I have read all the parts that are out, I am a big show-off that way. (I am cho chorry for rubbing it in!!))

Reasons I lurve winters.

1) Sitting under the AC vent in your office and waiting for the time when you will be frozen and be sent packing to heaven (well I would like to think I will go to heaven). Heavenly. :)

2) Forgot to get your notebook and pen with you ? Have a great take-over-world-by-storm-idea ? Psshhtt!! Why do you have your arms for ? Use your nail on your dry skin to draw or write things which come up on your mind. Wear sleeveless and shorts for maximum space to write. Somebody staring at you ? Ask what the ef!! their problem is. My skin, my nails and I write. Hmphh..

3) Ready made cold coffee. I mean you need not even use ice. Just bring a cup of piping hot coffee and forget it for a minute. Who the hell wants to drink hot coffee during winters anyway ? 

4) Cough and cold. Did you know that you are deemed healthy if you get a viral fever once every year. Get that flu and feel the healthy you. If your nose is leaking and your throat is soar, don't worry my friend you will live more.

5) So what if you look like there is dandruff on your arms even if you apply moisturizer. Oh and also you can apply point 2 stated above.

6) Icy cold water, early in the morning. Need I say more ? Blessings in disguise aren't they ?

7) Don't you just lurve frizzy hair ? Who wants the same kind of hair through out the year even if you love it very very very much ? 

8) Think of all the exercise you get by getting up every hour to go and pee. The further away from the rest room you sit, the more exercise you get.

On a more serious note. Sleeping comfortably and not getting irritated if the fan does not blow air your way. Drinking piping hot coffees and eating hot pakoras and actually enjoying this :) :) heavenly.
You have any similar reasons why you love winters ? Leave a comment. I would love to know. :)

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Be the one to bring in the change.

Mrs.B always forced Mr.B to attend her charity parties. He was fed up of socializing with people who did not give two hoots about the charity and only cared about "Wearing the costliest dress" or "Donating the highest amount". Mr.B had even overheard someone in the party say "The party is for little kids or something" while the party was actually organized to collect funds for animal nonprofits. Everyone had even bought animal treats and chew toys.
Frustrated Mr.B was adamant on changing the attitudes of these rich snobby friends of Mrs.B. All these well dressed women and clean shaven men and not even one thought how they were changing lives of so many people. Mr.B being Mr.B always made a thorough study on the organization for which funds were being raised and expected everyone to ask him questions on why the particular organization was chosen. No one did.
So, Mr.B came up with a plan. He started small by bringing the people who will be helped by the party to the party. Little kids, patients suffering from cancer. When the charity for homeless people was organized Mr.B brought homeless people to the party. They were all people with torn clothes and smelly beards. And other people were heard saying "I hate that smelly beard". Mr.B started asking for volunteers to help him clean them up. Mrs.B was first to volunteer. Soon, people started joining them and all the homeless people were given a makeover. Some were even provided with jobs. With good clothes and clean shaves they looked as rich as the other folks except for the humble look on their faces. After this, in every party organized by Mr and Mrs.B, people always took active and genuine interest in helping people rather than parading their richness.

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298 words. Uff..!!

P.S: My first attempt at writing a story. Please bare with me.