Saturday, August 27, 2011

A tag and an award...

Just when I was thinking life was getting depressing someone like Anne John comes along and brightens it up...

You ask how..??

Well she gives me an award and says a few nice things and makes my day.. :)

And she has tagged me as well..

Its to write 7 facts about me.. That should have been easy for a girl like me who speaks only about herself right..? Guess what it was easy.. :P

Well here goes..

1.) I love watching cooking shows. Its one of my favorite pass times. I am not a very good cook but recently I cooked something which turned out pretty good. It was not burnt or under cooked or over cooked. Its Channa Masala. But I forgot to add the main masala but its a great achievement for me as I did not burn it or over cooked or under cooked it.
Here is a picture:

Thank u, thank u.. :)
the chappatis are a courtesy of my dear mom..:)

2.) I love speaking to myself in my mind. Like when I was taking this picture I was saying "Liven up channas, you are going to be photographed and put in a blog. Just give a very tasty look."

3.) I love chocolates. I am a chocoholic.

4.) I love to make up quotes.

"Every time you put me down I rise up a little stronger then before"

"Sometimes all it takes to smile is a little bit of hope"

These are my all time favorites.

5.) I love Harry Potter. I am reading them for a 3rd time now. :)

6.) I am a big farmville addict. Its gotten more serious now as I am jobless in my home.

7.) Every new year I write a post on my new year resolutions but never post it. Weird huh..?? So there are like three posts titled new year resolutions in my drafts. :(.. I am never satisfied when I read it after writing the whole thing.

Well these are the 7 facts about me. You people thank God that its only 7. If not you could have seen me going on and on about myself..

So where is that award..??

Ah.!! here it is.. :)

Hmmmm... :) :)
*Gives a satisfied smile and hugs the award virtually*

So I am giving this award to 2 people:

My dear friend Pratap Upadhya of BROCA's area who had stopped blogging but has returned. I hope this will get you started again. :)

Thousif Raza of Soul Space.

Okay people, you are awarded and tagged.. :)

P.S: Thanks a lot Anne.. :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


As I write I am waiting for farmville to load in facebook. Some mornings it has this weird way of getting stuck. I get so frustrated whenever this happens.
This got me thinking about the other things which make me want to pull my hair out.

1.) They-Us: I get really frustrated when my friend, trying to be funny and say something like "WOW! Look at them, they seem to be so well dressed and look at us, we look like fools with these stupid dresses."
This if said when I am wearing my favorite dress and a million dollar smile which slowly slips down as I bend and look at my dress and think "Is it so bad? I do agree that you look like a fool but me too.? No ways". I mean, Why do you include me? Insult yourself if you want to.

2.) Being Effing Miss.Sunshine and goody little two shoes when actually, in person they are not.

3.) When I don't get the window seat in the bus. I love to sit there by myself, looking out of the window, sipping sprite and burping occasionally while listening to my favorite songs.

4.) When situation around me make me go all "Where are you god? and what have you done with my guardian angel?"

5.) People speaking senseless just to win an argument or bringing in their mom or dad just to save their face. Here is an example:

Me: You should never skip breakfast and should have lots to eat because it is the most important meal of the day.
Frnd: I feel that breakfast should always be light but you should have a very heavy lunch and its okay if breakfast is skipped.
Frnd: You made that up.
Me: No I did not.
Frnd: Well my mom says breakfast is not so necessary and not as important as lunch.

And as I cant say anything about her dear mother. I just shut up.

6.) When the internet is too slow. As the connection in my home is pretty fast I get irritated if the connection is slow. Especially if its very slow and I cannot play farmville.

Well, I'm done with the post but farmville is still loading. Arghhhh...!!!
Do you think it knows that I tried downloading cheat engines to cheat in farmville.. ??
I wonder... Hmmmm...

P.S: I forgot to include a thanks to a very important person in the previous post. Dr. Pratap Upadhya who got me started on blogging.. :) and as I call him my cool cousin..:)