Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Why settle ?

Why would you settle?

When your eyes still dream of skies.
When your heart still beats for more.
When every nerve in your body still craves for highs.

Why should you settle?

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


One feet in front of the other,
One word after another.

Places reached, sentences written.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Why do we need memories ?

Why do we need memories?
We could do without them.

Why think about past summers or bygone rains?
Why dwell on the winters of loneliness or autumns of happiness?

Come live with me in the present.
Love yourself right now.

No reminders of insecurities felt.
No flashbacks of all the failures.

Take away the reminders of love gained or lost,
Take away the thoughts of all the misheard words and held back sentences.

Why do we need memories?
I can so do without them.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Where were you ?

I was here giving up on love, hope and everything nice.
Because after 26 years of existence, I had given up on ever finding someone I like, a person somewhat like me to love, a person to spend the rest of my life with.

I was here having imaginary conversations with myself and wondering if I will ever meet someone with whom I can have deep discussions about the sun and the moon and everything in between.

I was here feeling unpretty, unbeautiful and making up unlovely words to describe myself.

I was here preparing for a life alone or with someone who will never make the effort to ever understand, appreciate or get me. Because I was sure I did not want to be alone.

But I would like to think I was here preparing for you.
For your entry into my life.
So that when you came, you fit into the jigsaw puzzle of my life like you belonged there.
Like all the ridges and breaks were created to fit you in perfectly.
You came and I did not have to move around any of my feelings or emotions or fears and flaws.
You came and our conversations are so much better than any of my imagined ones.
You spoke and look at me here planning out a life with you and not dreading the word forever.
You came and everything is bearable and easy and okay.

Where were you ?

Sunday, July 17, 2016


Tracing fingers along favorite words in books to commit them to memory and highlighting sentences.
Reading anything and everything you can see, every hoarding, store name, menu, product label.
Writing down new words over and over again just because you like writing the letters it is made up of or just because wanting to write it down is an itch which needs to be scratched.
And then you read his words. And most of them are about you. You want to commit everything to memory and so you read it over and over again. You want to write down everything and keep them some place safe. Here at last is someone who can roll words into such fine joints and the high you get from this is immeasurable.