Thursday, August 29, 2013

Love and Hate.

Traffic. Work. Too much of salt, add chili powder, too spicy, add sugar, now sweetish, burnt and eating this at 11.00 pm after spending 2 hours on it. Travelling two and a half hours per day in bus. Eating alone in office. Listening to mind numbingly stupid talk on the bus. Falling asleep in bus. Deadlines. Remember. Resolutions. Remember. Clothes too good and too costly at the same time. Save money. Remember. Expectations. Remember. Freezing cold on the way to the bus stand and in the bus. Remember to buy a jacket. Forgetting to take umbrella and it rains the heaviest that day. Remember to take umbrella every day. Just-this-once eating indulgences. Remember. Lose weight. Remember. Stomach upsetting foods. Remember. Too much to do. Prioritize. True friends. Identify and remember. Bored of all songs on the phone. Remember to change it. No rice at home. No flour. No vegetables. Remember. Remember. Remember.

Mom. Chocolates. Books. Harry Potter. Enjoying work. Gifts. Chocolates as birthday gifts. Friends who do care. Lost 2 Kgs. Coldplay. Medhu mari. Maroon 5. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Shopping for the perfect gift. Arya Stark. Game of thrones. Roland Deschain. Temperance Brennan. Loving sister. Cold evenings. Agatha Christie. Dad. What-did-I-do-to-deserve-such-a-good-friend feel. Goli ka VadaPav. Medhu mari. Goli ka kulfi. Friendly team lead. Window seat in bus. Kind smile from an aged stranger on the bus when you give them your seat. Satisfaction. Writing. Reading. Chocolates. Sai Ram chaats ka dahi puri. Agatha Christie. Shopping. Cooking. Medhu mari. Cheeky. Nishu. Friendly person on the bus. Team outings. Reading blogs. Watermelon juice. Hot cup of coffee and a crime novel on a rainy day . Mangoes. Phone calls which go on for hours. Little bookmarks and surprise gifts you get along with your order from online stores. Washing clothes. Writing poems. Getting appreciation on written posts. Madikeri.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Smells like home..

I know it is a really long poem. It is about a pup on the street. Dogs identify the world through smells. They remember people through distinctive smells. As I love to write about bugs and animals, here is a poem on a pup.

I feel so lost in this world of smells.
On unfamiliar terrains I do dwell.
I wonder how I ended up here in this dump.
Was I born here near this dry pump?

The world I feel through my nose.
Hoping somebody will find me by my howls.
In every smell I try to find my home.
But all becomes unbearable as I roam.

Fighting for food with my look alikes.
I try not to whimper when the hunger strikes.
On the cold night I shiver with pains.
I try to forget it by gazing at my fur stains.

Next day I wake up and smell hope.
A little being stands on hind legs near the slope.
I walk towards him with a glad heart.
I can smell a good being it is like an art.

I forget the days spent on this ground.
I know in my heart to where I am bound.
This little being that smells of hope.
I pledge to protect him and I lope.

With his fore paws he clutches me to him.
And I smell in his whole being.
Now I know why I am here.
The purpose of life becomes clear.

On unfamiliar terrains I am again.
But now I smell home everywhere.
With all stains on my fur removed.
I smell the delicious smell of food.

I know in my heart what my duty is.
To protect this smell of hope and home.
To see a smile on this little being.
To hear the laughter that smells real good.
To follow this being where ever he goes.

I promise to make his life as smiley as mine.