Sunday, July 31, 2011

The birthday post..

Me me me me....... :) :) and Harry Potter and J.K Rowling.. :) :) yeah I know.. :) :)
As its my birthday I wanted to write something really nice. Its peculiar how when you want to write something really good your mind draws a blank. I have been thinking from the past one week what will make a good post. After thinking hard and long (usually 5 - 10 mins a day) I decided to just sit in front of the computer on July 31st and write whatever comes to my mind. :)
Some of my friend have forgotten to wish me today. But I'm happy. Guess why.? I need not remember their birthday.. ha ha ha suckers.. :D.. Now I have a reason if I accidentally or intentionally forget their birthday..:) I was just kidding. When it comes to remembering birthdays I have a good memory.
Anyways, I want to thank a few people who have shown the utmost support.
  • My sweetheart Sis. She has been very supportive and reads every thing I write and tells me how it was. :) thank u sis.
  • My blogger friends who take time to read and comment on every post i.e Thousif Raza, Arpit Rastogi, Saru Singhal (I just love her poems. :) )..
  • My other buddies who read.
Well there it is..
My birthday post..
And to all the Harry Potter fans who don't have their birthday on July 31st.. :P :P ;)
Enjoy.. :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

The list of titles I had come up with for the blog...

I had written this way back.. It was in my drafts.. Just thought of putting it up..

So here goes..

First I titled the blog apropos.. So lets start with that..

1). Apropos: It meant "at the right time". I thought 'Well I had started the blog at the right time. So why not.. '. The description and the name didn't just fit in.

2). my blog..!!: Which as the title says i.e my blog. I soon found out that many blogs had this title.

3). Life and its stories: Never titled the blog with this. But that was the title which came to me when I was answering an exam paper..(Its coz the paper was damn easy)

4). The me in me speaking: This sounds good. I might just put this as the next title..

5). Being me: I thought this would make me come off as a very selfish person. With this title and the present description and all.. Hmmm..

6). me-ing : Thats just something I came up with to describe my blog..:) and loved it.. ;)

7). leonine: Meaning like a lion. I din't make this the title coz I don't think there is any connections between lions and being selfish. (M right, right?)

P.S: Nothing interesting right.? Well you will know why i wrote this on july 31st.. :) :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011


There is a barrier.

Keeping words from my heart to pour down through my pen.

A sense of loss.

It is there to keep the pain.

Friday, July 1, 2011

This and that...

I am in my home right now with nothing much to do. I've to start working from September. Till then I'll be found lazing around in my home. So here are a list of things I do to keep me ocupado.

1. Perform a ceremonial funeral for a dead mosquito. Read eulogy and wear black.
I actually did this. Was wearing black already. You might think i am crazy and you are probably right. :)
2. Plan to take over the world by storm.
This is to plan to write a novel which will, you know, take over the world by storm. Just planning. Just planning. :)
3.Count the number of folders in your computer.
It might sound boring but when the internet connection is slow its very enjoyable. Ok Ok there are 61 folders. :)
4. Play Farmville.. :) :)

5. Plan a diet and a workout routine.
This actually stops at planning
6. Write stupid poems.
Like on the funeral of a mosquito.

The Funeral of the Mosquito
There it lay still on the wall.
Thinking about its day and all.
It was a very fine evening.
With lots of people surrounding.
With its snout in the air sniffing.
To check which human has been sweating.
Glad it was to find a lad.
Whose glasses were big and whose flesh was tad.
It lay still calculating.
Just to get the joy circulating.
Then came the sudden flash.
Was it a hand or was it a bat.
But there lay the mosquito on the floor dead as a squat.
Then came the ants to carry its body all around.
Showered with sympathy for it to be buried in a calmer place.
The proud beetles dug the grave.
For it to rest in peace in shade.
The blessings asked and paid.
There was drinks brought by the bees.
The food by the flies.
The butterflies brought the flowers.
Every insect could be seen.
Such was the funeral of the mosquito
7. Play Cityville.. :) :)

8. Plan to take over the world by storm - Sequel.
This is to plan to write a song which will you know take over the world by storm. Just planning. Just planning. :)
9. Plan on expanding the MDictionary

10. Planning on ways to expand my farm in farmville.

Well there it is. This is what I've been doing. If you have any crazy ideas like this I would be glad to follow.. :)

Then there are the other things. Like messaging..

Me: OMG..!! Did u come to know.??
Friend: WHAT? Wt happened?
Me: R u sure u dont know?? abt u know......??
Friend: No, Tell. wt happened..??
Me: U seriously dont know.?.?
Friend: No. nd u r getting on my nerves.
Me: How do u live with urself..??
Friend: Ok.. Wt is it tht i ws supposed to know..??
Me: How can u not know tht its 12 o'clock..??
Friend: arghhh..
Me: :D :D :D :D :D ha ha ha.. he he he.. :D :D :D

Me: Hi..:)
Friend: Hi.
Me: Bye..:)
Friend: Wht..??
Me: sorry tht was not me..
Friend: Who was it??
Me: Arpitha Holla.. :D :D :D
Friend: Idiot it ws u..??
Me: yeah.. gotcha.. :P

Then there is the occasional cooking.
1) Burnt chapathi.
2) Burnt dosa.
3) Under cooked upma.
4) Over cooked maggi.

Thats where my unique culinary skills stop me..

and I miss my friends. :(. Sometimes I'll be staring into space thinking of all the times spent together. So here is a short poem dedicated to dee, tp, deeps, p2, kallu, nassi, shri, bosch ash, deepi, sallu, chethu, tn, shru, shabbu, poori, pinto, renu, aparna, suma, chandu, kulls, ansi, praju, ayesh, sallu

Like the dew drops on a spider's web.
The grass grown on the steps.
A beauty it holds which no one knows.

Like the feeling you get when you make someone smile.
The smell of earth on a rainy day.
A joy it holds which no one knows.

Like the maggi made.
The shoulders drenched.
The lessons learnt.
The happy times.
The helping hands.
The silly fights.
The food shared.
The teasing bared.
The love shown.
The trust grown.
The friends it shows whom everyone knows.

:( :( I really miss you all..

Well that is all for now..
Take care.. :)