Saturday, December 25, 2010


I have a few words which I use frequently but which you won't find in any "other" dictionaries. Though you'll find it in the ME-ing Dictionary which is also known as MDictionary.
Here are a few words..

Blabbergasted: When you are tired of hearing a person go on and on about something which you are not interested in and also you are astonished at the way he can go on speaking without a hitch and without concern for others. Then you are blabbergasted. In short its 'being flabbergasted with all the blabbing'.

Simplicating: Just like you are complicating a simple thing you can also simplicate a complicated thing which will become simplicating the complicating thing. (Care to simplicate this.?.. ;) )

Bonkers:Mad, crazy, stupid but in a very cute cute way. :)

Quaterheartedly: A reply can be given half heartedly or it can be given quaterheartedly. I know a lot of fractional heartedlys can be made though I think that this sounds better.

Jagged: I know that there is a meaning for this in other dictionaries but for me jagged means-embarrased to such an extent that it will make people call you names through out your life.

Thats all for now. Any other inventions will be added soon.
I just hope I'll be allowed to write it.. :P.