Saturday, October 22, 2011

Do I really have to?

I have a pile of things to do.
Done and put it behind me, I had to.
But then I think "Do I have to?"

I have somethings at which I have to improve.
Which does not sound like a walk in the park as it has to.
I have to do these as it deems that I have to.
But then I feel "Do I really have to?"

I do my stuff and leave at 2.
They say I have to put in more effort and to see to it that I do.
But then I wonder "Do I have to?"

It stinks to be in a position with nothing to do.
With only stupid questions haunting you.
Answers for which you have to search and you may get lost too.
But then I think "Do I have to?"

I wake up in the middle of the night after dreaming about you.
And I just want to sit and the dream I want to go through.
But my brain goes back to sleep as its used to.
But I feel "Do I have to?"

I got stabbed in the back with witnesses 2.
Walk away they say because they had to.
But I wonder "Do I have to?"

I want to throw paper weights at you.
I have a hard time restraining myself not to.
But then I think, I feel and wonder "Do I have to?"

P.S: Originally thought of it as a post. Sounded more poemey. Its kinda lame. What do you think?
P.P.S: Do you know there is a book on "how to write a 'how to write a book' book"..?? Cool eh..??

Monday, October 17, 2011

Vegetable soup of a worried soul..

I love coming up with titles for my post. For every incident which happens around me and my head is coming up with a title and a few lines. The problem being few lines. After the previous long post I don't want to write very short posts. So here I'm just putting it all together.
(BTW, L.L means lesson learn t. :))

The Soup Tragedy:
It amazes me That I can mess up on something as simple as preparing soup (those ready mix types you get). I added water, mixed it properly and put it on the stove. Went and watched TV for awhile. Went back and saw this thick batter at the bottom of the vessel.

L.L: "A little more water and 5 mins without TV won't kill you." (but it can make you go hungry for 10 more mins as you are trying to fix it. With nothing else to do I think its just lesson learnt and time well spent)

Blog Header Mania:
I am churning out blog headers by the lot. But I wont change soon. I have promised myself that I will keep a header for at least a year. So, I am good for 6 years. :)
L.L: "Nothing to do can make you pretty creative."

Red eyes:
I am reading a lot of e-books. Got 2 red blotches for eyes. So took a day off. Now, seeing that my eyes are back to normal I am restraining myself from spending every waking moment reading e-books.
L.L: "Do this one more time and your laptop just might get abducted by your parents."

Finding faults:
I was breaking my head over something that happened eons ago and as usual I had not realized at that time that it was something offending. I was getting all worked up when I got a message on my cell. It said
"Always be a baby, because the baby does not know about its past as well as its future. But it enjoys every second of its life..!"

FYI, a baby does not have a past, I bet it does not even know what future means. Put the baby through a engineering college in a god forsaken place like sullia and it will have a very filthy past and a hopeless future.

L.L: "Never, never take it out on a sweet and cute baby."

Well that's it for now. Please do check out my page here and say what you think. The nothing to do has made the creative me spring out from the depths of my empty heart.

P.S: Hooked on to the song "Chamak Challo" from Ra.One. Is it great or is it great.? :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another award and another tag..

This took so long because I was finding it hard to come up with 7 facts about myself. I was surprised myself. Well I still managed.
So here I go ranting about myself again.

1) I love F.R.I.E.N.D.S and according to me its the bestest show ever made.

2) If I don't get a word to express what I am feeling I make one up. Like the words here and there are many which just come and go but I dont remember them later.

3) I have a very long to-read list of books which I wish to read and thanks to people who give great reviews its getting longer. I wish they would give the book too. ;)

4.) I can write poems only when I am happy. So if u see a poem even a sad one that means I am happy about something.

5) I just tore up the whole computer cleaned everything and put it back together. :)

6) My favorite song of all time is Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall.

7) I had upma for breakfast today. ( I ran out of facts about myself )

So this is the award I got

Thanks a lot to Prathi.. :)

I would like to pass this award on to quiet a few people:
1) Valli of Poetry- Reflection of my feelings.
2) Purple Mist of Wanderlust.
3) Anne John of Abstract Admissions and
4) Saru of Words who have already received the award but still deserve it again for their lovely blogs.
5) Chintan Gupta of The Blunt Blog
6) Red Handed of Red Handed

Now comes the interesting part. I'm changing the tag, supposing that I'm allowed to do that. So instead of writing 7 facts about yourself I want you to answer 7 questions of mine.

1) Which is your favorite "Lays" flavor? (Yes its the Frito Lays chips I am asking about)
2) Which is the one place you would love to go but have not been there as yet?
3) Which is the one color you hate?
4) Given an option to rescue a wooden log or a wooden plank which one would you rescue?
5) Why did you rescue whichever you rescued?
6) Dogs or cats?
7) Which is the one gadget which you would like to own which you don't already have?

So you are tagged. You can either write 7 facts about yourself or answer the 7 questions or do both or not do both.
Whatever you do, do accept the award because you deserve it.. :) :) :)

Monday, October 3, 2011


I wish I had not lost a few friends,
In a silly twist of fate.

I wish I had made a few amends,
Which I know was all it would take.

I wish I knew wrong from right.
I wish I realized sooner which I realized the next night.

I don't want to accept my stupid decisions and blame it on fate,
Because I just want to live and say that I don't regret.

P.S: I have received an award from prathi and also a tag.. will be doing it soon.. :)