Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hiya Everybody..

The new thing is that I have joined a company and I am undergoing training. I love being busy and having a hectic 6 days of a week. So I deem myself lucky to be in a busy and hectic training program. So I'll be around but not as much as I used to. I have not commented on so many many posts and not read oh so many posts of the blogs I follow. I miss doing that so I hope you are all missing me too people. (Has anyone really noticed?? :( ).

Right now I am down with a fever. I seem to be the mother ship of all those fever causing viruses. They feel they are honor bound to come and rest in me every month or so. Grrrr....

So, anyways I have got so many things to do now. Packing, moving to a paying guest. Preparing for tomorrow's training. :) :). Adios amigos.. :) :) I will be back.. Soon I hope.. :) :)
Take care ya all.. :) :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Driving a Bus.

You think the post will be interesting because of the title? hmmmm.. I find that interesting.
I love misleading people for fun. I can be the worst nigthmare of a person who is lost in a big city and is not worried much about it (I am human, I wont mislead if they are worried. Swear.. ;))  I wanted to name all the pages with a title totally unrelated to the content but my friend pointed out that people might think I have gone bonkers and never visit my blog. I am thinking about doing a whole post of my misleading adventures. So the post here is not true. Something crazy from a person who is trying to stay sane in this compititive, cut-throat world. (Or is it? ;))
Well read on and find out.. :D
So I was telling Sonam the other day that she should go ahead with Punit and take their relationship to next level. Sonam.. You know, Sonam Kapoor and Punit Malhotra. So, I was telling her that they both make such a good pair. Both so cute and all. :) :)

It is with great happiness that I am announcing that I was able to cut short the engineering course to 1 year and 6 months course. Vaise tho kuch padathe nahi. You can sum up the whole 4 years course in a 1 year and 6 months. Happy engineering to all.

For the 20th time I said no to Simi Garewal for an interview. I just don't think that many sane people are watching "Simi Garewal's India's Most Desirable" these days. I just hope she does not ask me again. I just hate to say no to her.

Was honored to accept the position of judge in "Veg only specials" in MasterChef India. It is being held here in coorg so that I can be a judge. Can you believe it?

They are asking me to co-host the next Oscar awards. It is because Eddie Murphy told that he will only if I will be his co-host. He is so good at flattery. I think I will go for this one. If only I had said yes to Hugh Jackman when he was hosting but you see I was busy with working on the novel  "How I went crazy on my blog and got away with it".
On a completely sane note. I was going to start on my first job on 7th of November or so I thought. They are going to put off the joining date. So I am in Banglore with a lot of time to come up with my take on Banglore like so many people before.