Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Role of bugs in my life...

--> I remember staring at a line of ants for hours when I was a little kid. I used to disrupt their line and watch them as they came back to form the line in the same place after a few minutes.

--> I had a lady bug as a pet. I had kept it in an empty geometry box. I had it for around 4 days after which I had to let it go. I used to put a lot of leaves in its box, plucked from my mom’s garden, to give it a feel of a forest. One day I used to put a little sand and only one or two leaves to give it a feel of the beach. I even kept it out in the sun so that it gets a sun bath. Lucky bug!!. I had caught it in our school playground and had to leave it in my mom’s garden after 4 days of my care, its hunger and thirst (because I’m quite sure it dint eat or drink any of the leaves I had put out in the box for it.).

--> I was very scared of roaches. Was.. I remember being chased by a roach. I also remember chasing one throughout the house after I had got over my fear of roaches. Revenge is suweee..t. Hu ha ha ha ha..!!

--> In my PU hostel there were 14 girls and 41 cockroaches. We were kind, caring and sharing girls. (lol!!).

--> Presently my roommates are 2 lizards, 3 spider (the ones with thin and long legs) on the rack, 1 small cockroaches, many of whose relatives expired recently because of broom hit (which was totally accidental ;-) ) and of course one girl, she is not a bug ( I think) ;-).

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Be careful..

Don't wish for something just because others have it and you feel that it would be nice if you had it too. You will realize after getting it that you would have done way better without it.
This is when the saying 'Be careful what you wish for. It just might come true.' makes a lot of sense..

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Colors of my mood....

Green is the color of my mood right now
Symbolizing the place I want to be
Blue is the color of my mood right now
Symbolizing the sky I want to touch
Red is the color of my mood right now
Symbolizing the flower i would like to smell
White is the color of my mood right now
Symbolizing the dress I want to wear
Orange is the color of my mood right now
Symbolizing the sun i want to sleep under.....

The Trip.......

"It should have rained today" was the first thought that came to my mind when I saw the Infosys campus(Manglore).. Not because of the weather but because the whole campus would have looked more b-e-a-utiful with a little magic by the rain. My pleasure was in being a mere visitor and I envy the people who get to see this everyday and every season..
The trip was a continuation of the Soft Skill classes I mentioned previously in my posts. Well I am glad to tell that I am almost over my stage fright. Thanks to SPARK(the group of people who conducted it)..
There were cute guys,cute girls, cute guys. ;-).. all employees of Infosys. It was one full day of pure joy. I could have just sat there for hours looking at everything the lush forests surrounding the posh buildings, the employees
the interior of the buildings, the employees (did I mention that already ;-))
Anyways it is one trip I wont be forgetting easily..
Until next time..
toodles.. :)