Thursday, May 28, 2015


I want you to come to me, break every wall that stands between us and come to me.
I am standing here alone, with self worn bandages on my hands, my shoulder aches.
Come rescue me.

Break the walls you have built around yourself, like I have broken mine.
That wall you built so that you don't love me so much that you go weak in the knees when you see me.
The other one which was meant to not make me fall in love with you.

If you love me now, you already know the walls are paper thin.
Tear through them, burn them.
Come rescue me.

P.S : Have you ever written something and it made a lot of sense when you wrote it and you feel that it would make no sense to people who will read it, but still you want to put it out there because you really want to see if someone out there can understand it and say "so relate-able".
P.P.S : Fictional