Monday, May 19, 2014

Why I cant make good first impressions.

1) I don't know how to respond to ":)" sent by a stranger(a colleague) at the end of a chat. I end up over thinking about it and wonder if they think I am rude and just end up doing this.
Colleague: :) (sent 4.00PM)
*After a lot of thinking and nail-biting*
Me: :) (sent 5:30PM)
and I over think about how creepy it all seems with the time gap.

2) I am used to telling "its okay/fine" when someone tells "Thank you" and most conversations in office end up like this
Colleague: Thank you. (sent 3.15PM)
Me: Its fine (sent 3.16PM)
mention not (sent 3.16PM)
you are welcome (sent 3.16PM)

3) I am used to laughing with my mouth wide open. (No, not when I eat)

4) I say things like "I can be a professional pedicure giver" not a beautician or a pedicurist but a "PEDICURE GIVER"

5) I sit on my hands when the AC makes me feel very cold. It does not exactly matter where I am.

6) When I finish something successfully in office I really feel like throwing my hands up in the air and say "yes", but I realize midway that I am in office and just do this weird punching my cheeks kind of thing because my hands are already mid air.

7) When I am really nervous I say things like "tadatadatadada" or "dudun dudun dudun" under my breath repeatedly until someone starts staring at me.

8) I think that I make wonderful music by tapping my fingers on the laptop or the table. Yes, even in office.