Thursday, September 6, 2012

Is it that hard to be kind?

So, I was reading this post. It has a story on how its important to be kind than to be clever. I have always been a kind person. Yup, I just wrote "been". I found it very easy to be kind. But these days, this place, this stress. I think it tires everyone out. Now I feel good if somebody shows kindness or is just plain nice to me and the word "kind" has a new meaning to me.

If a auto driver takes me to the place where I want to go and does not ask me to pay extra telling me this long story about how he cannot get customers after he drops me off or just because its after 7pm or before 6am, I feel the auto driver is kind when he takes me to my destination and I pay exactly the amount on the meter. :) . Sometimes I feel so happy that I even pay extra or tell them to keep the change. :)

When I go into a shop and the shop keeper just shows me what I ask for with a little bit of interest then I feel he is being very kind. If the shop keeper does not make a face when I see a few stuff and don't buy anything, I feel good.

I used to feel bad when I saw people selling fruits on the streets. I had made a habit of buying from them and not from stores like Food World or Reliance Fresh. I just wanted to give a little back to the world which had given so much to me. Well, I was cheated with fruits rotten inside and sometimes a rotten apple in their midst which I had not even selected, over ripe bananas and all of these over priced. Now I just buy fruits from Reliance fresh or some other place like that.

Now, coming back to myself, being kind has been wiped off of my system. But I want to give back and am still a loyal customer to that shop keeper who showed a little concern and pray for the happiness of that auto driver who dint pinch off any extra bucks from me and now I take an oath on being kinder and nicer to everyone around me and not to be a pain in the ass like some people I know. I realized that however bad my mood might be, a few kind words "to" someone rather than "from" someone always helps to cheer me up.

And I put forth this question to everybody out there. Is it that hard to be kind, to be a little nice ? When it can actually help you a lot ?

P.S : My net connection had been terminated so could not blog and I am extremely sorry to my sincere (if there are any) readers out there.