Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Role of bugs in my life...

--> I remember staring at a line of ants for hours when I was a little kid. I used to disrupt their line and watch them as they came back to form the line in the same place after a few minutes.

--> I had a lady bug as a pet. I had kept it in an empty geometry box. I had it for around 4 days after which I had to let it go. I used to put a lot of leaves in its box, plucked from my mom’s garden, to give it a feel of a forest. One day I used to put a little sand and only one or two leaves to give it a feel of the beach. I even kept it out in the sun so that it gets a sun bath. Lucky bug!!. I had caught it in our school playground and had to leave it in my mom’s garden after 4 days of my care, its hunger and thirst (because I’m quite sure it dint eat or drink any of the leaves I had put out in the box for it.).

--> I was very scared of roaches. Was.. I remember being chased by a roach. I also remember chasing one throughout the house after I had got over my fear of roaches. Revenge is suweee..t. Hu ha ha ha ha..!!

--> In my PU hostel there were 14 girls and 41 cockroaches. We were kind, caring and sharing girls. (lol!!).

--> Presently my roommates are 2 lizards, 3 spider (the ones with thin and long legs) on the rack, 1 small cockroaches, many of whose relatives expired recently because of broom hit (which was totally accidental ;-) ) and of course one girl, she is not a bug ( I think) ;-).


  1. hmmm the revenge wala line was swt... nice... and the broom wala incident. how could you misthu, how could you :P, those poor cockroaches.....:P

    take care and keep writing............

  2. woh! its commendable living with a kingdom of bugs :P


  3. @ thousif: do u know how they creat a mess.. i had to do it for my dear roommate.. :)

  4. next time someone 'bugs' me.. i will try thinking about this cute post. it would make a good temper-control-strategy i guess.. :)