Sunday, August 15, 2010

If only wands and magic...

Read Harry Potter.? Freaked out.? Crazy about it.? Stunned by the magical world?? Fantasized about it? Wished it were all real? Well, this happens to me every day. It has become part of my routine... Now don’t worry I’m not starting another Harry Potter fan club..

Have you ever noticed that there is no mention of brushing the teeth or having a bath(except once in book 4)? I associate the no mention with the magical world. Just a swish or flick , some spells and voila you are clean as new. Some of you might think it cannot beat bathing with good ole water and soap or whatever that you use for a nice hot long bath. Well not for me, that too being in hostel. Here is the fact. I come back from college sweating like a pig and all I want is a splash of cold water on my face and a nice cold bath, I throw my books and run to the sink, I turn on the tap and what comes out is one drop of water, one drop mind you and nothing else and that one drop falls on the sink and its gone. Then there is the other problem, I wake up late in the morning; I have 15mins to get ready to class, and what comes out of the tap cannot be called water. I need to get ready and be in class in 15 mins and there is no water but some kind of murky, muddy liquid thing coming out of the tap. Ugh.!! Taking bath in this liquid, I am not such a big fan of mud bath. Nothing to worry, we’ve complained to the hostel management about the problem the 124th time. It will be solved soon. I am a very optimistic person.  . So, the swish with the wand and all clean really appeals to me.

Then comes the classes themselves, most of them are practicals with just one or two theory, where as ours is mostly theory with 2 practicals which can get pretty boring. I wont fret too much about classes because this sem our subjects are very interesting.

Then there are the spells themselves. I have this habit of losing the room key. The lock we are using on our room is the 5th one. I have been forced to break the lock 4 times. For breaking the lock I have to tell our warden who in turn calls a man who comes with a crow bar and breaks the lock which has cost me around 40 bucks and asks me to pay him 20 bucks for doing it. 5 locks, 4 breaks, you do the math.!! (I’ve tried everything, even giving one key to the warden if I lose mine I can borrow from her, but I usually end up losing both, one after the other.) Well that is how much I’ve spent on locks in the past 2 years. This is where I wish I could use the alohomora spell, swish of the wand, unlock, WOW!!. Bye, bye to lock breaking. And here I wish only I had the wand for obvious reasons.

I would love to learn the bat bogey hex or the leg lock curse. I would love even more to use it on my friends who think knocking on the door and running away is funny. I would love to see them run away with their legs locked together. Ha ha ha.!! I know, I know, I am Evil. And again I wish only I had the wand.

Then there are the self writing quills. I would trade anything for self writing quills. It’s been just 1 week since the college started and we’ve already been made to submit 2 assignments and still have 4 to submit this week.

I always misplace my things and end up searching for it. I think the spell- accio would really help me there. Accio thing and the thing is in my hands. WOW.!!

You have gotta love the postal system. OWLS. If only owls could really do that. I’ve still got to send my friend her birthday present and I’ve lost her address. I had asked for her address way back so that I can surprise her on her birthday. So just writing the recipient’s name and tying it to the owl’s feet and telling it “fly away chitku( that would be my owl’s name if I had one)” would really be a boon.

Then comes all the good food. Such great variety. Simply great. Our hostel food is very bad and makes me skip meals and all, and also makes me spend money to fill my stomach and it also makes my stomach upset, so I am not such a big fan of it.

Last but not the least there are the friends. I would love to have a friend like Ron, I roll around laughing every time he tells something, he is just so funny. A friend like Hermione who would go through my assignments written in the self writing quills. And a friend like Harry. WOW..!! Bliss..!!

Tell me the truth, would you not like if Harry Potter’s entire world was real.

I can so get used to this. That’s all for now.


  1. ur delusioned!!......

    better get some psychiatry help!

  2. who wouldnt!!! but i guess life is always like that... sometimes you just fantasize about how it could be and all... makes you dream...

    cool write up...couple of lines i liked... the funny parts....

    take care and keep writing.............

  3. Ha Ha...
    Now that is some magical post...
    Loved the way you gonna use your wand in your life... :)

    Lifes Busy.. Wand Makes It Easy!!! :P

    & I would love to be in Potter's world only if i stay outta trouble.. ;))
    & I won't appreciate "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" into that world either.. :))
    or han, me padhai bi nahi kar sakta.. :))
    baki.. everything is cool..

    Cheers to Potter! :)

  4. @pratap: you could help me.. :):)

    @thousif: :) :) m just so happy you took the time to read and comment.. I'm out of words.. and life has its own way and whatever happens is for the good.. maybe this is how v r meant to be.. maybe having all the things you want might complicate things and not add up and maybe you might start disliking it once you hav it.. dont you think so???

    @arpit: you r a potter fan.. Ohhh!! I never knew.. what do you say about starting a potter fan club.. :)cool... :)

  5. You are saving water... The Govt. of India should make use of you in ad for saving water :P

    When u complain for 125th time advertise and celebrate it in a big manner!

    You can put your key in a chain which you're wearing or tie it to te bracelet. you'll create a new trend
    Assignments give it to your juniors !!

    Ron, Hermione and Harry are here for everyone. V have to find them

  6. @ Arpitha ::

    ha ha.. :)
    Cool idea but i dun ve much time for fan club thing.. :|

    Koi na.. We will cheer him anyways.. :)

  7. @arpit: M also not such a big fan of fan clubs.. I was jus kidding.. :)

  8. @ingmar: never thought about celebrating the 125th complaint.. gr8 idea.. :)

    abt assignments.. again a gr8 idea..!! :)

    thanks for commenting.. take care.. :):)

  9. Now that I am familiar with HP, all this makes sense.
    Yes, I would love an accio spell every now n then. Girl, you are right. Ron is absolutely adorable :) (I think he is my favorite! Let's see.. )
    I loved this post. :D Thankyou for sharing.