Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is it the bright sun thats making you smile or

Is it your smile that is making the sun shine a little brighter

Is it the rain that is pouring because of your tears or

Is the tears trickling down your eyes because of the rain.


  1. Hey Holla!
    So long.. Whr were you hiding??

    & right now it is your blog which is making me smile.. :)
    Nice Post..

    I saw RIO in 3D.. It was awesome.. :D
    n um still waiting for better print of Rango.. :\

    You tell, hows your animated life goin?? :P

  2. glad tht this post made u smile.. :)

    final sem engg so was very busy..

    u watched RIO.. i still dint.. :( no time..

    will watch n let u know soon.. :)
    i hope.. :(
    take care.. :) :)

  3. Oye.. You an Engineer too.. o_O

    Same Pinch!!! :P

    Though i am done with collz.. but still An engineer will always be an engineer.. ;)

    Which kind of engineer are you??

    So nice to meet you Ms Engineer.. :)

  4. computer science.. :)
    i knew u wer an engineer.. :)
    u r workin ryt..??
    cool.. :) :)

  5. Yup, i am working now..
    Me too Comp Sci!!! :)

    Best of luck with the semesters..

    Keep Blogging. Tk Cr.