Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wrong Timings

Imagine you are driving your car and you are all alone. You are in the middle of a pretty dense forest. The car suddenly breaks down. You check your cell and there is no network. And you have not seen a car or a person on your way. You decide to keep walking just staring at your cell. You just have your cell with you which has a balance of 20 bucks. After walking for a very long time you finally get network on your cell. You decide to call your friend. You unlock the keypad and you receive a message saying "Your Subscription for horoscope has been renewed and Rs.20 has been charged. Thank you."

Not over yet...

Then you get your horoscope for the day saying "Today someone will render you helpless and you will be utterly lost. The best advice would be to call up your friends for help. Good day."

HA HA.. You can add to this if you want to.. :) :)


  1. Ha Ha.
    There is enough of wrong timings already so i ll just end it::

    There is no network coverage again.. you are lost.

    Then your cell starts to ring with screen displaying unknown number calling..
    You pick up the phone..

    You - Hello.
    Unkonown *eerie voice* - Hello.. Are you lost? Close your eyes i will help..

    (you are scared to death)
    You - No thanks.. I ll manage..
    Unknown - You are going in wrong direction.. There is no way out.. Close your eyes!!!

    (You can't take it anymore)
    You cut the phone.

    There is no network coverage but still your phone starts to ring again.

    You are all afraid, you removed the battery of your phone but it keeps ringing like hell..

    Hopelessly you throw the phone away into the dark forest..& from other side you hear a voice again..
    This time little familiar..

    Who is it calling you by your name..

    You try to listen to that voice &

    Well.. It is your mom calling you "Wake up you lazy arse, you are late for college again.. why do you set an alarm if you wont ever listen it..?"

  2. ha ha ha..
    Tht was hilarious.. :)

    couldnt have ended it better myself..

    thanks a lot.. :) :)

    i loved d part when ther ws no network nd d phone was still ringin..

    y dint i think of tht..

  3. You are welcome. :)
    & its pretty old & rough idea i used..

    You can work on another story now.. with your own end. :)

  4. hmmm... :P i would go all dexter or saw way i guess... intro that phase :P he he... nice one got me interested... you should try more of these |:)

    take care and keep writing.............

  5. @arpit: okay.. :) will give it a try.. :)

  6. @thousif: at last you found time to comment.. shd i be honoured ur holiness..

    i know u would probably brutally get d lost person murdered.. by slow torture or she/he would be a psycho who would kill herself coz she cant find no one to kill.. in which case suicide.. :P