Saturday, August 27, 2011

A tag and an award...

Just when I was thinking life was getting depressing someone like Anne John comes along and brightens it up...

You ask how..??

Well she gives me an award and says a few nice things and makes my day.. :)

And she has tagged me as well..

Its to write 7 facts about me.. That should have been easy for a girl like me who speaks only about herself right..? Guess what it was easy.. :P

Well here goes..

1.) I love watching cooking shows. Its one of my favorite pass times. I am not a very good cook but recently I cooked something which turned out pretty good. It was not burnt or under cooked or over cooked. Its Channa Masala. But I forgot to add the main masala but its a great achievement for me as I did not burn it or over cooked or under cooked it.
Here is a picture:

Thank u, thank u.. :)
the chappatis are a courtesy of my dear mom..:)

2.) I love speaking to myself in my mind. Like when I was taking this picture I was saying "Liven up channas, you are going to be photographed and put in a blog. Just give a very tasty look."

3.) I love chocolates. I am a chocoholic.

4.) I love to make up quotes.

"Every time you put me down I rise up a little stronger then before"

"Sometimes all it takes to smile is a little bit of hope"

These are my all time favorites.

5.) I love Harry Potter. I am reading them for a 3rd time now. :)

6.) I am a big farmville addict. Its gotten more serious now as I am jobless in my home.

7.) Every new year I write a post on my new year resolutions but never post it. Weird huh..?? So there are like three posts titled new year resolutions in my drafts. :(.. I am never satisfied when I read it after writing the whole thing.

Well these are the 7 facts about me. You people thank God that its only 7. If not you could have seen me going on and on about myself..

So where is that award..??

Ah.!! here it is.. :)

Hmmmm... :) :)
*Gives a satisfied smile and hugs the award virtually*

So I am giving this award to 2 people:

My dear friend Pratap Upadhya of BROCA's area who had stopped blogging but has returned. I hope this will get you started again. :)

Thousif Raza of Soul Space.

Okay people, you are awarded and tagged.. :)

P.S: Thanks a lot Anne.. :)


  1. wht did atte say after eating tht??....:D

    thanks for the award!!!

  2. Wow Arpitha! We both meet on 5 of the above mentioned facts! I totally love watching cooking shows that sometimes I don't even cook so that I can continue watching! hehe! In fact I even blogged about it here

    I love chocolates too (and the husband doesn't which is great for me!), I speak to myself alll the time almost to the point of suspected schizophrenia and I love HP too (one huge point in my husband's favour for me deciding to marry him ;-)). Farmville - I was an addict-played for a long time but stopped currently. I wish I could make up quotes too but I'm afraid I'm not witty enough and would come up with something rather lame! Only thing I don't do is NY resolutions-coz I already know that I won't keep them! Whatta long comment!

  3. @pratap: she ws the one who found out tht i had forgotten to add the main masala.. :)
    she also said it ws good..:)

  4. @ anne: yeah.. wht a long comment..:) but loved reading it..:)
    thanks a lot again..:)
    nd i hate sharing chocolates.. lucky u dont hav to.. :)
    as for new yr resolutions i deleted all those drafts and decided not ot do tht from the next yr.. :)

  5. at first.. then she said it ws good.. :P

  6. Congratulations & Celebrations!!! :)

    Happy Blogging! :)

  7. Congrats! Glad you were saved form depression ;)

    Sorry I've not been commenting on your blog - I've been absent from blogger for a while now because of my exams.

  8. congrats to the square (i have some thing for you

  9. congrats to the square (i have some thing for you

  10. thanks charu.. :) :) its lovely to see u again.. :)