Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hiya Everybody..

The new thing is that I have joined a company and I am undergoing training. I love being busy and having a hectic 6 days of a week. So I deem myself lucky to be in a busy and hectic training program. So I'll be around but not as much as I used to. I have not commented on so many many posts and not read oh so many posts of the blogs I follow. I miss doing that so I hope you are all missing me too people. (Has anyone really noticed?? :( ).

Right now I am down with a fever. I seem to be the mother ship of all those fever causing viruses. They feel they are honor bound to come and rest in me every month or so. Grrrr....

So, anyways I have got so many things to do now. Packing, moving to a paying guest. Preparing for tomorrow's training. :) :). Adios amigos.. :) :) I will be back.. Soon I hope.. :) :)
Take care ya all.. :) :)


  1. :-( i am gonna miss u sorely for sure....:-( i hope ur hectic schedule gets over fast...and u can come back to us soon enuf....

  2. I guess, the bloggers will be missing the buzzing sound of this busy bee, ain't they??? ALL THE VERY BEST FOR YOUR NEW JOB.......


  3. all the best for all the new turn of events and may the fevers let mothership rest now and find some place else:-)

  4. 6 days?? weekend holid?...papa....consult me if u have cough:P

  5. will miss u too... ok u saw through my lie :P.. but i will miss u...

    Hope u have a great time in training and may u achieve everything that u have desired for!...

    Take care and keep writing........