Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Smells like home..

I know it is a really long poem. It is about a pup on the street. Dogs identify the world through smells. They remember people through distinctive smells. As I love to write about bugs and animals, here is a poem on a pup.

I feel so lost in this world of smells.
On unfamiliar terrains I do dwell.
I wonder how I ended up here in this dump.
Was I born here near this dry pump?

The world I feel through my nose.
Hoping somebody will find me by my howls.
In every smell I try to find my home.
But all becomes unbearable as I roam.

Fighting for food with my look alikes.
I try not to whimper when the hunger strikes.
On the cold night I shiver with pains.
I try to forget it by gazing at my fur stains.

Next day I wake up and smell hope.
A little being stands on hind legs near the slope.
I walk towards him with a glad heart.
I can smell a good being it is like an art.

I forget the days spent on this ground.
I know in my heart to where I am bound.
This little being that smells of hope.
I pledge to protect him and I lope.

With his fore paws he clutches me to him.
And I smell in his whole being.
Now I know why I am here.
The purpose of life becomes clear.

On unfamiliar terrains I am again.
But now I smell home everywhere.
With all stains on my fur removed.
I smell the delicious smell of food.

I know in my heart what my duty is.
To protect this smell of hope and home.
To see a smile on this little being.
To hear the laughter that smells real good.
To follow this being where ever he goes.

I promise to make his life as smiley as mine.


  1. so kitne pups rakhne wali ho apne room pe...;-)

    1. abi nahi rak sakti.. :(
      Thanks a trillion for reading and commenting :) :)