Monday, December 9, 2013

Be the one to bring in the change.

Mrs.B always forced Mr.B to attend her charity parties. He was fed up of socializing with people who did not give two hoots about the charity and only cared about "Wearing the costliest dress" or "Donating the highest amount". Mr.B had even overheard someone in the party say "The party is for little kids or something" while the party was actually organized to collect funds for animal nonprofits. Everyone had even bought animal treats and chew toys.
Frustrated Mr.B was adamant on changing the attitudes of these rich snobby friends of Mrs.B. All these well dressed women and clean shaven men and not even one thought how they were changing lives of so many people. Mr.B being Mr.B always made a thorough study on the organization for which funds were being raised and expected everyone to ask him questions on why the particular organization was chosen. No one did.
So, Mr.B came up with a plan. He started small by bringing the people who will be helped by the party to the party. Little kids, patients suffering from cancer. When the charity for homeless people was organized Mr.B brought homeless people to the party. They were all people with torn clothes and smelly beards. And other people were heard saying "I hate that smelly beard". Mr.B started asking for volunteers to help him clean them up. Mrs.B was first to volunteer. Soon, people started joining them and all the homeless people were given a makeover. Some were even provided with jobs. With good clothes and clean shaves they looked as rich as the other folks except for the humble look on their faces. After this, in every party organized by Mr and Mrs.B, people always took active and genuine interest in helping people rather than parading their richness.

This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.

298 words. Uff..!!

P.S: My first attempt at writing a story. Please bare with me. 


  1. The best read post till now! In fact I had similar concept in my mind :( I am happy that you presented it so well :) Best wishes :)

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  2. Yay I loved it and look forward to reading more stories by you :)

    1. Glad you loved it.. :) Will try to write some.. :) :)

  3. Greatly thought and written...respect for the way you have approached the contest. Good luck.

  4. If this is your first, then I must say that you are really good.
    Will look forward to more stories from you :)

    1. That is very sweet of you.. :) Will try to write more.. :)
      Thank you :)

  5. First time I am on your blog Arpitha, I have to say I am impressed. :) I would like to inform you that I have tagged you here. Hope you will accept :)

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    1. Thank you. :)
      Will try to do the tag.. :)

  6. Nicely written. :)
    I had no idea this story is based on a prompt smelly stubble until I read the last line. :P
    And that is cool as it keeps(kept) the reader (read : me ) occupied.

    Keep writing. :)

  7. Am amazed with your take on the Stubble.
    I have tagged you in my new post Stubble Trouble. I'd love for you to acknowledge my tag.
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