Monday, July 20, 2009

My friend and me -- #1

My friend and me, being the angels we are (though a lot of people may disagree..i mean a lot of people may...but still..), we are always upto something.. Thats what I love about us..

Bunking classes was always the difficult part..As we did not want to be in the bad books of the lecturer we always used to PLAN our bunking.. Like I remember this one time.. It was the Engineering Physics class which we wanted to bunk.. Our sir who was always early and eager to take the class was our main challenge(you see our college here is very strict on attendance and bunking though allowed is a offence).. Thus our plan started.. We were to be out of the corridor by the time the sir came on the same corridor..So our plan was to run..As fast as we can towards the stairs which would take us out of that corridor..well thats what the boys did so why not us..Well thats where we were wrong..We are not boys..We were two clueless-about-bunking girls..As soon as we came out of the class and scanned the corridor..there was our sir standing and speaking to a fellow lecturer and thank God his back was turned to us..and he was also blocking our exit..He was about to turn and we had a split second to think what to do because running the other way would not be an option..What did we do??Well simple..We hid in the adjoining class room..If our sir had by mistake looked into that classroom on that fateful day he would have found two girls laughing their head off for pulling a stunt like that because that was our first time and for us it was an achievement..And so the eager lecturer thought that we were absent from the morning.. after that we have been, well careful..

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