Thursday, July 9, 2009


Well i have been tagged for the very first time.. Thanks a lot Dr. ..

Well having been tagged with the number tag(hope i got tht one rt) I would like to start with 0.. unusual!?, stupid??!, weird?!?..u decide

0 is the number of times I have topped in my class..

I thought of deleting my blog 1 time
Afterthought:I may do anything but that..

The lines on my right hand when held at a very weird angle looks like a 2..and I am not joking..they really do look like a 2..

My room number in my hostel is 3..

4-wowie!! . this is my favourite number and I consider it my lucky number.. Well there are many things.. one is that my register no at college starts and ends with 4. If i try to do anything usually it will be 4 times before I give up for good..

I will be starting my 5th semester next..

I have a total of 6 best friends i.e not including my sis.. if I do then I have 7 best friends..[;)]..

2*4=8..and 4 is my lucky number so after twice my present age 8 will be my lucky

I think I have more than 9 dresses with me...


  1. we still fight a lot.. still she is my bestest frn..