Friday, April 2, 2010

Facebook.. Grrrrrr........

I simply was updating my profile in facebook. That is when I put up single in my relationship status, I was least worried about the way the updation will be shown on my profile. You wanna know how it was shown..

Arpitha is single.

I ask why the heart?? It makes the reader feel that I'm kinda desperate. Ugghh!! I hate this.. :)


  1. lolz..

    & how many *likes* did you get on that???

  2. none i guess.. jus got 2 comments.. one said 'really??!!' nd i dont remember the other.. :)

  3. Yeah I know! This is still better. Previously they showed a broken heart :P


  4. ohkay..!! thank god i updated it after it was changed.. :)

  5. dude!! I did the same thing a few days ago.. n my frds pulled my leg bad.. :P

  6. oh..!! i too got some 2 comments..well lets say it was not something I was expectin..!!!