Friday, July 29, 2011

The list of titles I had come up with for the blog...

I had written this way back.. It was in my drafts.. Just thought of putting it up..

So here goes..

First I titled the blog apropos.. So lets start with that..

1). Apropos: It meant "at the right time". I thought 'Well I had started the blog at the right time. So why not.. '. The description and the name didn't just fit in.

2). my blog..!!: Which as the title says i.e my blog. I soon found out that many blogs had this title.

3). Life and its stories: Never titled the blog with this. But that was the title which came to me when I was answering an exam paper..(Its coz the paper was damn easy)

4). The me in me speaking: This sounds good. I might just put this as the next title..

5). Being me: I thought this would make me come off as a very selfish person. With this title and the present description and all.. Hmmm..

6). me-ing : Thats just something I came up with to describe my blog..:) and loved it.. ;)

7). leonine: Meaning like a lion. I din't make this the title coz I don't think there is any connections between lions and being selfish. (M right, right?)

P.S: Nothing interesting right.? Well you will know why i wrote this on july 31st.. :) :)


  1. I like me-ing too, different and catchy...

  2. yeah.. :) its my favorite too.. :)

  3. Man this post reminds me the number of blogposts I have in my drafts since.. I dunno when...

  4. ok!!.. I'v still got loads..

    thanks for reading.. :) :)