Sunday, July 31, 2011

The birthday post..

Me me me me....... :) :) and Harry Potter and J.K Rowling.. :) :) yeah I know.. :) :)
As its my birthday I wanted to write something really nice. Its peculiar how when you want to write something really good your mind draws a blank. I have been thinking from the past one week what will make a good post. After thinking hard and long (usually 5 - 10 mins a day) I decided to just sit in front of the computer on July 31st and write whatever comes to my mind. :)
Some of my friend have forgotten to wish me today. But I'm happy. Guess why.? I need not remember their birthday.. ha ha ha suckers.. :D.. Now I have a reason if I accidentally or intentionally forget their birthday..:) I was just kidding. When it comes to remembering birthdays I have a good memory.
Anyways, I want to thank a few people who have shown the utmost support.
  • My sweetheart Sis. She has been very supportive and reads every thing I write and tells me how it was. :) thank u sis.
  • My blogger friends who take time to read and comment on every post i.e Thousif Raza, Arpit Rastogi, Saru Singhal (I just love her poems. :) )..
  • My other buddies who read.
Well there it is..
My birthday post..
And to all the Harry Potter fans who don't have their birthday on July 31st.. :P :P ;)
Enjoy.. :)


  1. Hey..

    Happy B'day to you..
    Happy B'day to you..

    Happy B'day Dear Ms Holla..
    Happy B'day to you.. :)

    What a tremendous way to complete your 100th post.. Super Awesome!! :)

    It's just amazing when you find such great fellow bloggers..
    & I am honored to have one like you.. :)

    It's always been a pleasure to follow your blog.. :)

    & heres one secret *why i followed your blog at first place* shhhhhh!
    It's bcoz of our name.. ARPIT-HA.. *see theres something in the name* someone please go n tell it to "Mr What's in the Name" :D

    Anyways many congratulations for your century.. I wish you score many more.. :)

    Happy Blogging. Keep Smiling. :)

  2. thank u, thank u... :)

    its a pleasure to read ur blog too u know...
    this is d 100th post including all the drafts which i've not put up..

    anyways.. thanks a lot for reading and commenting..

    and u know wht.. i somehow knew the reason u were following my blog ws tht.. :) y do u think i ws followin urs.. ;)
    i jus hope its still not d reason for u to follow my blog coz now, for me,following ur blog, is all ur funny posts and superb clicks.. :) :) :)

  3. Happy Birthday! 100th post is special and thanks for making me a part of it...
    Happy Blogging...

  4. happy b'day.... yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :P

    i hope u had a fab day ahead :)... congos on the century of thoughts :)...

    takecare and keep writing....

  5. Hi, I came across your blog while reading the comments on Thousif's blog. You really have a beautiful blog here, congrats :) Also congrats on making your 100th post.

    And happy, happy belated birthday too!

  6. thank u, thank u nd thank u.. :) :)
    u hav a very sweet name.. :)

    nd welcome to my blog.. hope to see ur comments..

    take care.. :)

  7. Hey Arpita, Where r u these days???