Friday, July 27, 2012

Here to stay....

Ok, I have been wanting to write for a long time now, but whenever I pick up the pen or sit down with my laptop, my mind goes blank. I keep getting these ideas about what my coming-back-to-blogging post would be but before I reach a place where I can write it down, the ideas are gone.. puff!!.. So I had a great idea to start my post with this and see where it goes from here.. Hmmm, lets see.

I see that my followers count has increased. It seems to happen every time I stop blogging, so welcome to bad posts and lame poetry (That's just me trying to make you say "Aw.. your poems are good they are not lame." and then I'll conclude that I write bad posts :) :D .( Just kidding ) ( And for all those who don't know, I love writing inside brackets. I feel that its the place where people really speak their mind out  :) )).

I am in Bangalore. Its been 9 months now. Had a hectic 6 months of training with at least 14 hours in the office even on Saturdays and Sundays but not 14 hrs just 12 hrs :). No need of sympathies because I loved it. From 3 months I have been a freee birdy. I count my 8 hours and work accordingly. Yet to get familiar with the place and when I do I'll write more.

To all the people who are attending the blogger's meet on 4th Aug in Bangalore. I'm coming. I know its not a big thing or anything but I am just happy because its my very first one :) :).

And here I am again awkwardly ending my posts as usual. Here I am to stay. :) :)

TaTa for now.. Have a great weekend..


  1. Its really nice to know that you are back on the blogging circuit. Hope u r here to stay, unlike me, who promises to write back in 2 weeks and goes away from 2 months :P.... hope you achieve everything you are looking for :)

    Take care and keep writing........

  2. Welcome back!! But what blogger meet?:)

  3. Well,as a matter of do write great glad to have you back.:-)

  4. @ Purple Mist : thank u.. :)

    @ Raza : I really don't want to stop.. I hope I can continue and I hope you re-start writing too.. (Hmm.. that's a lot of hopes )

    @PeeVee : A big hiiiiiiii to u.. I thought you had stopped writing and was feeling sad.. Well, the blogger meet is in bangalore on aug 4th.. its being conducted by IndiBlogger.. :) :) You wanted to come.. ??

    @ Rahul : Thank you and thank you.. :) and I am glad to be back.. :)

  5. I want new postssss!! write fast!!