Monday, July 22, 2013

The Preps.

As my birthday is approaching, I thought of writing a post on what my friends can give me on my birthday. I know, I know, it is not very nice of me to give my friends a list. But still here is a list of things which I want.

1) I recently bought the most uncomfortable slipper in the whole world. In my defense, it looked great on my feet. I mean super great. But the slipper had other ideas. I got shoe bite first and now it just slips off my feet. On top of all that I paid 1500 for that. So, my birthday gift would be not a new pair of slippers, but take these from me. Please, I beg ya. I am ready to give it away for free to a really nice friend. Its been worn for just 4 days. So please could ya.

2) SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 311. It has a built in reading mode. It would be the perfect gift. So I would like some of my friends to think really really think hard about this one. It can make me really very happy :). And you need not give me gifts for another 5 or 6 years. :) How awesome is that deal ? Eh ?? :) :)

3) This is a easy one. Download the hunger game series and mail it to me. I want the .epub files. I searched a lot for a whole minute. But dint find it online. So if somebody could search it for me. Even a link from where I can download it for free is fine. And if that link does not give me the e-books then thats not really a nice gift now is it.

4) Suggest me an fantasy/fiction series. I have already read Harry potter, Game of thrones, The dark tower and I am going to read hunger games, lord of the rings and sandman. So apart from these. If anyone could suggest me a series which has been completed or will soon be completed (I am tired waiting for the next in series books of game of thrones, the author writes one book every three years), that would be an awesome gift.

5) Read one of my blog posts and comment on it. I mean it. Most of my friends don't read my blog.

See, I am not such a bad person. All reasonable gifts. Now you have the list, go crazy and surprise me :). I will act surprised I have been practicing it all week. ;) :) :)


  1. Read that shiva trilogy.... Buy games DA.....:P

    1. I dint like that. Read the first part. :) Dont like games and I am speaking about gifts here. So buy me games but remember its not on my list.. :P :) ;)

  2. Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Cycle. The books are much better than the movie Eragon suggests.

    1. Marked it as to-read. :) Thanks a lot..