Tuesday, July 14, 2015


"Love was the rain, drenching you in happiness. It was the sun shining in on your darkness. Love was the wind, blowing away your worries. It was the earth below you, supporting you always. Love was the sky, always there to look up to. It was the clouds, drifting around making you smile. Love was the laughter in your heart. It was a glow oozing out of you. Love was meant to heal. It was supposed to be surreal and it was.
Love changed.
Love felt like the storm, running you down. Love became the scorching sun you wanted to run away from. Love became a tornado, spinning you in circles, stopping you from moving forward on your own. Love was the bump in the road which kept making you trip. Love became the dark sky, not even a single star shining, and looking at it it makes you want to cry. Love became a hole in your heart and it let out all the laughter. It broke you and the pain was all too real."

Inspired from this quote by Neil Gaiman & this video bought to my notice by a cutie called PeeVee here.

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