Monday, September 7, 2015

Life update.

1. So I have a 51 in 501 days list of goals now. Making that list has brought a lot of things into perspective. I keep saying that I want to do this, I want to get there, but I never seem to actually achieve any of it. Also, people who are trying to get me gifts can have a looksie and life will be easier for both of us.

2. My blog has crossed 20 thousand views. Yay !! I am also sure that 19 thousand are my own because I love reading my old blog posts.

3. I finally got my hands on "Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book", a coloring book for adults. It takes my mind off of all the things which frustrate me, but personally I find reading novels more relaxing. But I love coloring, the finished drawing makes me feel so proud of myself and then I do that thing where I compare it so I go online and check how other people have colored it so beautifully I am back to square one on the pride thing.

4. I got a decent internet connection. Previously I had a 2G data card which tested my patience so much that one not-so-fine day I took it and threw it at the wall and it broke (Just kidding, I stepped on it and the elephant that I am, it broke). So to complete the 16th goal in my 51 in 501 list, I have to get my laptop repaired.

5. I have decided that I will be actively blogging from now onward. As I write this, I can almost hear the universe conspiring against me. Hopefully, I can keep writing.

6. I have started and abandoned the #100DaysOfHappiness challenge on Instagram. I had quit on it in between for a week, and started it again after PeeVee and Sreesha coaxed me to, but I was having a really bad time at work and nothing seemed to make me happy. I will be starting it again sometime in the future and I hope I will be able to finish it the next time. The other reason I stopped is because I felt that it was slowly turning into a 100DaysOfOkayness. I have got a whole post planned for this, so will come back to it later.

So, how are you doing lovely people of the blogosphere ? :)


  1. HAHAHAHA A Fineapple is epic :) welcome back to me! :P

  2. A fineapple! Lol!!! Yes, welcome back to the Blogosphere!

  3. Welcome back Arpitha! I missed your posts! And blogging regularly is something that even I need to do! And yes the whole universe conspires against me when I plan to do that!

    1. Thank you Reema. Hope I can keep blogging this time :)