Monday, September 28, 2015

Losing weight and all the drama that unfolds - #2

It has been exactly one year since I wrote this post. Sometime after I wrote this, this diet stopped working for me. I read somewhere that it happens. Over the next 5 months, I gained 2 kilos back and also lost it. After that I went to attend a friend's wedding in Kolkata, I gained 4 kilos. I ate rasgullas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I hogged on misti doi like my life depended on it. So I may have got a little, teeny, tiny bit out of control. I could not go on a diet after this. I stuck to my diet portions of food and walked whenever I could and I stopped fretting and checking my weight every other day also the job had started weighing me down and food was the only good thing going on in my life. After a job change, now I am back on track. I am now back to the weight logged in the old post. Yay! me. This was my goal weight one in the 51 in 501 list. :)

Some things I am following now:

1) Gave up juice, I don't love them, but I would drink it if my friend is or if I am offered one in a party or something. I would drink a large cup of coke or Pepsi with burger or pizza (I should just stop eating burger or pizza right ?). Now, replaced all these with water. No more juice or any kind of drinks.

2) Gave up biscuits. I love Bourbon biscuits. But I don't eat them anymore. I don't buy them, don't eat them if offered.

3) Go grocery shopping with a full stomach and a bottle of water. Previously I used to go grocery shopping after 2-3 hours of breakfast and never carried a bottle of water with me which usually ended up with me in the billing counter with at least 3 types of biscuits and 2 cans of some kind of drink which I finished up as soon as I reached home.

4) No more sugar. I have coffee two times a day. With milk. I would like to say it is a small cup, but it is usually a big cup. I have slowly started adding less and less sugar in my coffee and probably by the end of this week or beginning of next week, I will be having my coffee without any sugar. :)

5) Counting calories. I check the calories on everything now. If I am craving for something, I look up the calories for the said thing and calculate how many minutes of walking and exercise is needed to burn those calories and this usually kills off that craving right then and there. Thanks to my sister for this tip.

6) Detox drink. A big bottle of water with a lemon squeezed into it and a few crushed mint leaves (because only lemon gives bad breath) two or three days in a week is enough I guess. Don't take my word on this. You can do a little research of your own. I started getting cold because of this so had to stop after just two weeks.

I tried to give up chocolate and ice creams also, but this is not possible for me. Especially since Tender Coconut ice cream from Naturals Ice Cream has bought a special meaning to my life.

That's about weight loss and thank God there has not been much drama from anyone around.

So like I say, if this helps just one person out there, I will be happy. :)


  1. I don't think I can EVER control how much I eat. As in during the week, I stick to the plan but over the weekend and if I meet friends, my portion control goes for a giant toss. So I workout like a fiend now. Slowly starting to enjoy it too. That way I get to eat what I want as well :)

    But I think my scale hates me. Its stuck at one place, ready to go over, but never ever under. Mean cow -_-

    P.S: The Snapdeal tip helped like a giant, thank you!

  2. Keep like no junk for 5days a week..other 2days have it..easier to control this way...