Monday, October 17, 2011

Vegetable soup of a worried soul..

I love coming up with titles for my post. For every incident which happens around me and my head is coming up with a title and a few lines. The problem being few lines. After the previous long post I don't want to write very short posts. So here I'm just putting it all together.
(BTW, L.L means lesson learn t. :))

The Soup Tragedy:
It amazes me That I can mess up on something as simple as preparing soup (those ready mix types you get). I added water, mixed it properly and put it on the stove. Went and watched TV for awhile. Went back and saw this thick batter at the bottom of the vessel.

L.L: "A little more water and 5 mins without TV won't kill you." (but it can make you go hungry for 10 more mins as you are trying to fix it. With nothing else to do I think its just lesson learnt and time well spent)

Blog Header Mania:
I am churning out blog headers by the lot. But I wont change soon. I have promised myself that I will keep a header for at least a year. So, I am good for 6 years. :)
L.L: "Nothing to do can make you pretty creative."

Red eyes:
I am reading a lot of e-books. Got 2 red blotches for eyes. So took a day off. Now, seeing that my eyes are back to normal I am restraining myself from spending every waking moment reading e-books.
L.L: "Do this one more time and your laptop just might get abducted by your parents."

Finding faults:
I was breaking my head over something that happened eons ago and as usual I had not realized at that time that it was something offending. I was getting all worked up when I got a message on my cell. It said
"Always be a baby, because the baby does not know about its past as well as its future. But it enjoys every second of its life..!"

FYI, a baby does not have a past, I bet it does not even know what future means. Put the baby through a engineering college in a god forsaken place like sullia and it will have a very filthy past and a hopeless future.

L.L: "Never, never take it out on a sweet and cute baby."

Well that's it for now. Please do check out my page here and say what you think. The nothing to do has made the creative me spring out from the depths of my empty heart.

P.S: Hooked on to the song "Chamak Challo" from Ra.One. Is it great or is it great.? :)


  1. Yes. Chammak Challo is Awesome. I agree :)

    What you said it so true. A baby cares not for what he/she were or what he/she would be. We should know what to take and learn from the past and not worry about trivial things that happened.

  2. i dont like chammak challo song... let me start with that... listen to songs of rockstar... and u'll know what music can make u feel... that tum ho song is amazing... anyways.... a lesson leart is a lesson well learnt :P he he... its sometimes cool to screw up ya... like a soup (muffled gag here)..

    and hey it is good to live in the present i know what u have ben through... but all the while its good to live in present that always worrying abt past and future... because if we loose sight of the present... we leave the opportunity to shape it properly and that screws up our past as well as the future:)

    So stop worrying and start doing the things u love... everything will fall into place :)

    Take care and keep writing......

  3. @Ashwini: yup.. u r right ashwini.. :) :)

    @thousif: to his, his own..
    i'v heard tht song nd liked it.. but loved chamak challo.. :) :)
    nd i can understand y u lik tht song.. :P :D

  4. Love your post title. :)
    making soup can be a bitch if you aren't willing to stir it continuosly to a point that even after the soup is ready, you're be rotating your arms in the arms.
    Ok, that was a bad one. I know. :/

    I just cannot read e-books. I've tried, but I simply don't have the patience to stare at the comp screen for so long. Plus, I already have some pretty powerful eyesight. NOT.

  5. the header image is absolutely wonderful...

    i too create few things,,,here @ drop in when u find time.

  6. LOL, for managing to screw up ready to mix soup, you have to be awarded:D
    And ebooks - how do you have the patience?! I am so hooked on the real versions that I can't concentrate when I'm reading on the reader-_- Of course, this makes sure that I have to wait EONS until I get the hard copy of the book, an exercise that test my patience to the 't'.

    And yes, when it released I had chammak playing on loop to infinity.

    P.S: I love your current header. Please don't change it:(

  7. @spaceman spiff: tht was a good point actually. i think u meant dreams there. i can just imagine myself stirring soup even in my sleep after i fixed it up..
    my eye sight is good.. or was good.. with the speed I'm reading I think powerful specs is on its way.. Though I use this kinda glass which is supposed to protect my eyes..

  8. @thephoenixarts: thanks.. :) Checked out your blog. You have a few good designs there.. :)

  9. @PeeVee: You have not yet come across my posts on my cooking skills. Well I am rather bad at it. I think its coz I have very little patience when it comes to cooking.
    I never used to read e-books. Now with nothing else to do and as a last resort I have started it. And I found out that once you start liking it its kinda difficult to keep away. Esp when you have been waiting to read a book but could not get your hands on the hard copy.
    As for the header. I love it too. So, ok.. I'll keep it for a few more years.. :) :) :)

  10. It's a wonderful, fun and lovely post...Enjoyed reading it!

  11. @Saru: :) :). glad u enjoyed reading it..

  12. love the header, keep it! Im following you and will be back.

  13. Why do I feel that Chamak Challo could turn out to be a eve teasers anthem :(

  14. @ Life Unordinary: Thanks.. :) :)

    @ India's no. 1 blog: Oh..!! I never thought of that. Don't they all in the end..??

  15. the title itself is rocking...and then the lessons learnt are such good are a quick learner;-)

    and wow, you have a line up of headers-and here i am wishing for a head change from years-of the blog too;-)

  16. @suruchi: Thank u.. :)

    line up?? its more like a pile.. ;)

  17. hhhhaawww! you cute as a kitten :D

    i read a lot on laptop, but mostly the blogs and when i am done reading on laptop, i am reading on android :D we are a messed up generation...

    and the engineering college bit, so darn true!


  18. geee.. really.. :) :)
    i think any engg sttudent will agree to tht.. :)