Saturday, October 22, 2011

Do I really have to?

I have a pile of things to do.
Done and put it behind me, I had to.
But then I think "Do I have to?"

I have somethings at which I have to improve.
Which does not sound like a walk in the park as it has to.
I have to do these as it deems that I have to.
But then I feel "Do I really have to?"

I do my stuff and leave at 2.
They say I have to put in more effort and to see to it that I do.
But then I wonder "Do I have to?"

It stinks to be in a position with nothing to do.
With only stupid questions haunting you.
Answers for which you have to search and you may get lost too.
But then I think "Do I have to?"

I wake up in the middle of the night after dreaming about you.
And I just want to sit and the dream I want to go through.
But my brain goes back to sleep as its used to.
But I feel "Do I have to?"

I got stabbed in the back with witnesses 2.
Walk away they say because they had to.
But I wonder "Do I have to?"

I want to throw paper weights at you.
I have a hard time restraining myself not to.
But then I think, I feel and wonder "Do I have to?"

P.S: Originally thought of it as a post. Sounded more poemey. Its kinda lame. What do you think?
P.P.S: Do you know there is a book on "how to write a 'how to write a book' book"..?? Cool eh..??


  1. Hey, heyyyy.... THis is NICE:)
    How do you make it rhyme though *jealous*

  2. I think, sometimes I wonder, why we have to have so many have to in our life :) I can especially agree with the last verse, I feel like throwing things at my family most of the time :P LOL!

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  3. @PeeVee: I, myself don't know. *perplexed* :) :)

    @Leo: yeah.. thts wht made me write it.. there seems to many "have to"s..

  4. It rhymes so why not :) and throw that paper weight :D it helps sometimes...

  5. @ Chintan: Believe me that i would have if the person was in front of me.. ;)

  6. keep life simple..most things u worry abt either wont happen or doesnt matter.....thus is true!!

  7. "5 freaked out over this" says the comment thread. Note, i am the sixth one. ;)

    it is definitely not lame. far better. wonderful.

    and the [ "how to write a "how to write a book" to..." ]err..what was that? yea, that cool. ;)

  8. certain things we really HAVE TO do and for certain others, don't care a flying fig:-)

    and ya the book on how to write a how to write book-lol!:)

  9. @ pratap: yeah thats true..

    @ blackandwhiteheart: thank u.. :)
    there is a book on "how to write a book" that book being "how to write a book".. :) :)

    @suruchi: yup.. those certain things that we have to do.. that is what makes me ask "do I really have to?" :) :)
    and that book I read about it in reader's digest..

  10. Nice! It's got a cool limerick-y feel to it :-)

  11. yes you have to :P... he he... sometimes happens queens, but all you gotta know is, if you dont like it, dont do it. Yes you have to, but sometimes live for yourself than others :)... cool poem...

    Take care and keep writing...........

  12. It's not lame, it's innovative and nice:)


  13. @ Thousif: Thanks.. :)

    @Saru: Thank you.. :)

  14. First time visiting ur blog.. thnaks to Indiblogger..

    I liked it.. and I dont feel that it is lame aatall! Best way to comvey the mind is via verse and you have dont justice to it!

  15. Awesome Arpi..... tusi grt ho ( this is the bst commnt I give wn eva em fully happy, n thnks 4 mkin me happy.... cuz em a very very lazy guy n I always thnk "DO I HAVE TO ?" ;)

  16. Haha...NIce poem..and very neatly rhymed :D

  17. I have to say this that I quickly need to hide all those paper weights in my office for my and his safety :) !

    You have addresses the most important mundane questions of our might be modest but we are not lame :D!

  18. Do I know you?? I dint get what you said..
    anyways.. thanks for reading and commenting.. :) :)