Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another award and another tag..

This took so long because I was finding it hard to come up with 7 facts about myself. I was surprised myself. Well I still managed.
So here I go ranting about myself again.

1) I love F.R.I.E.N.D.S and according to me its the bestest show ever made.

2) If I don't get a word to express what I am feeling I make one up. Like the words here and there are many which just come and go but I dont remember them later.

3) I have a very long to-read list of books which I wish to read and thanks to people who give great reviews its getting longer. I wish they would give the book too. ;)

4.) I can write poems only when I am happy. So if u see a poem even a sad one that means I am happy about something.

5) I just tore up the whole computer cleaned everything and put it back together. :)

6) My favorite song of all time is Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall.

7) I had upma for breakfast today. ( I ran out of facts about myself )

So this is the award I got

Thanks a lot to Prathi.. :)

I would like to pass this award on to quiet a few people:
1) Valli of Poetry- Reflection of my feelings.
2) Purple Mist of Wanderlust.
3) Anne John of Abstract Admissions and
4) Saru of Words who have already received the award but still deserve it again for their lovely blogs.
5) Chintan Gupta of The Blunt Blog
6) Red Handed of Red Handed

Now comes the interesting part. I'm changing the tag, supposing that I'm allowed to do that. So instead of writing 7 facts about yourself I want you to answer 7 questions of mine.

1) Which is your favorite "Lays" flavor? (Yes its the Frito Lays chips I am asking about)
2) Which is the one place you would love to go but have not been there as yet?
3) Which is the one color you hate?
4) Given an option to rescue a wooden log or a wooden plank which one would you rescue?
5) Why did you rescue whichever you rescued?
6) Dogs or cats?
7) Which is the one gadget which you would like to own which you don't already have?

So you are tagged. You can either write 7 facts about yourself or answer the 7 questions or do both or not do both.
Whatever you do, do accept the award because you deserve it.. :) :) :)


  1. Thank you Arpitha, means a lot <3

    And many congratulations....many many more to come :)

  2. Hey thanks Arpitha!
    Will get around to answering your questions soon :-)

  3. @ Chintan : u r most welcome and thank u.. :):)

    @ anne: most welcome.. :) :)

  4. cool tag question which u wrote... i might actually try to get up from my lazy ass chair... and write them :)...

    and cool answers.. and i wanna ask... did u find the song suddenly i see because of me? ;)

    and seriously?? finding 7 facts abt urself is tough? i wrote like 100 in a post called sach ka saamna :P... which were fake mostly :P

    waiting for the next post :)

    take care and keep writing............

  5. oh no.. it ws not one of ur suggestions.. it ws a fav from long back..

    i found it tough this time.. :(

  6. Congratulations and I love Friends...Thanks a lot Arpitha...:) I'm touched...:)


  7. Congratulations! A nice post Arpitha! Like many things which you mentioned!

  8. Arpitha, thanks again for the beautiful award. Placed it on my blog...Please check

  9. @rahul bhatia : thank u.. :) :)

    @saru: Checked it.. cooll.. :) :)

  10. Hey Arpitha..Thanks a lot for your award....^_^

  11. @anne : I saw.. :) nice answers.. :) :)

    @valli: u r most welcome.. :)

  12. Congratulations for the Awards and it was great knowing more about you.