Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My most difficult to answer question while chatting with a friend is "Wassup??".. I never know what to answer. At this point I deal with it the following ways:

Either I send

1.) Hi.. What doing?? :)
To which I get the reply as "Chatting with you.. ha :D.. So wassup??"


2.)Hi.. Had lunch(or breakfast or dinner, supper etc. )
To which I get the reply.. "Yup.. So wassup?? U had lunch?( or breakfast or dinner, supper etc. )"
If I reply "Yup.." I get this really irritating reply indicating no wonder you are so plumpy or how could you not have had lunch (or breakfast or dinner, supper etc. )

3.)Hi.. Finished preparing for the exams.( and I send this only during exams.. )
For this I get a reply "Y u always talking abt studies?? lol :D.. so temme.. wassup??"

So as you can see I always wonder if i want to be teased, irritated or confused and then reply to wassup..

Okay now tell me what do you usually reply to "Wassup??"



  1. Watchin a movie.. Talk to you later. :P

  2. @arpit: you always tell tht?? Cool.. :)

  3. i reply "everything is down"[to boys]

    for girls-"nothing"!!lol

  4. @ Arpitha
    Yeah.. almost always when my status does not read BUSY IN SLEEPING.. :)

  5. i too suffer with that a lot, but i try to think abt maggie and movies and it all starts back... :)

    take care and keep writing..............

  6. @brocasarea: lol!!

    @arpit: so u r either watching movies or sleeping.. Cool!! :)

    @thousif: :)