Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Having a computer at home is a good thing right?? It is for me.. I got to learn a lot of things. It is like 'Learning from my mistakes'.. Ok.. Let me tell you the truth..
I usually do something in the computer which results in something which was not supposed to happen, to the computer I mean..
So, so far I have learnt 3 things.. You might be knowing this already but I learnt it the hard way that is by experience and also spoiling the computer for days (making me unable to blog and play FARMVILLE) and also get scolded by my parents and sister..

The computer gets wrecked and all the bad things seem to happen at the same time.. :(

Ok.. Here it is..

1). Never shut down the computer with something in it like CD, pen drive etc. .

2). Never delete files you don't know about from folders you don't know of.. It just might be one of the system files..

3). Never meddle with user accounts.. I was stuck with a laptop which has lost all the songs,movies and no pen drives or anything else to help me out for 4 days in my hostel when most of my friends had gone home.. Never, I say never will I be able to go about using the user accounts with the way I used to..

So there it is.. Soon I'll be able to pen down more coz I'll be leaving to my hostel and will be left alone with my laptop.. So if you had any similar experiences please do tell coz I don't want anything to go wrong again.. I'm already being called names in my home coz even the UPS has a problem with me and has this amazing ability to do something stupid like make weird noises or just shut off when I am using the computer..


  1. I think all you need is some precautions you mentioned in your post plus A GOOD ANTIVIRUS...

    Thats It.. For your happy Computing..
    n Use windows Vista or Windows 7 as your Operating System.. :)

  2. cant help..some habits die hard!

  3. @pratap: ahem ahem.. very funny.. wht kinda habits??

  4. i was laughing all the way....:P

    and dont delete anything from the c drive... any other drive is just fine... and get your ups checked once

    take care and keep writing............