Thursday, January 28, 2010

My sister is getting married..!!!!!!!!

Yup that’s exclamation marks alright... You too would be exclaiming if you had such a wonderful sister.. She was, is and always will be my role model.. I was always impressed with the way she handles everything, be it studies or friends or sometimes even me..!!(I need to be handled sometimes).. Always wise in her decisions.. THE most beautiful person on this earth and I have always told her that.. I never got a chance to tell her how special she is to me.. I remember depending on her for every decision I take and for every move I make in life..
There is one thing which she keeps doing which is really very sweet i.e. she suddenly out of the blue shows her ring finger which has the engagement ring and tells that she is engaged. Just feel like giving her a big hug when she does that..
We have been very close from the time we were little kids. We have been irritating each other too the core. We share everything even the scolding from our mom, you ask how? Well mom used to get angry on something one of us did. My ever kind sis would blame it on me and the ever caring I used to blame it on her, mom used to get angry and scold both of us... :)
Well that's all the good things and as for her crazy part I'll keep it for some other time.. :)


  1. @arpit: :) :) :)

    @pratap: I guess so.. but not very much coz i know she is going to be around.. :) :)

  2. A sister ia a person with whom u share your secrets, you share your dreams, and who ulitimately is there 4 u whenever u want,... i m so glad for u.... :)

    take care and keep writing...........